Friday, March 12, 2010

A Birthday

Yesterday was Rich's birthday.  I had to wait til the last minute to go shopping, because I had to make sure there were "sufficient funds."  We went to Wally.  Good old trusty Wally.  I swear they pump something through the vents to make you spend more money.  I found a shorts outfit for Ryan.  He really does need new clothes.  The outfit was $6.  Don't you wish you could buy a NEW outfit for SIX dollars.  Next I grabbed some black socks for Rich.  Cool gift, right?  Really he has been needing them for a while now.  So I sprung for the nicer kind.  It was his birthday after all.  Then we moved on.  I got him some pens. Do I know my man or what!?  Then I went for what I really came to get.  A prepaid game card for World of War Craft.  Yeah he's a geeky gamer, but he's my geeky gamer.  

Of course the trip wouldn't be complete without a car--actually a motorcycle guy--for Ryan.  And since he got clothes, the girls got something too.  My mom and I split the cost of the game card otherwise I don't think anybody would have gotten clothes.  

When I got home, I made the cake.  I used diet coke instead of oil and water.  The cake plumped up nicely and is super tasty.  I kept the eggs in it.  I made Rich polish sausage for dinner--low fat of course.  And then we opened up presents.  
Play time!

All in all, it was a nice little celebration.  March is actually a big month for birthday in this family.   I know there are at least six this month!


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KK said...

Woohoo!! THanks!!

Linda said...

Love Wal Mart supplied birthdays. I want that cake recipe!

silfert said...

Me, too! Posting of cake is good. Happy birthday!

Richard said...

It was a good day for a birthday. I got to leave work a little early for dinner and had a nice night with the family. Thanks to them for making it a fun day.

Rachel Sue said...

It's my husbands bday next week. I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do for him.

pray for me. :)

Emmy said...

Diet coke in a cake?? I have never heard of that. Sounds like he had a good birthday

Holly said...

Happy B'day. My hubby just had one...but it was a big one...he got a Kindle...but that is it for the next few years for him. Black socks are on the list.