Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dancing With The Stars


It starts next week!  I am so excited.  If you don't watch, let me take this moment to draw you in.   You need to know it is premiering on March 22nd at 8PM on ABC.  The first show is 2 hours, so get the kids to bed early, walk the dog whatever it is you need to do.  You don't want to DVR because you will want to VOTE!  You can vote by phone, internet, and text.  Good now we have the rules in place, let's meet the dancers and their celebrity partners!

Shannen Doherty & Mark Ballas
Shannen Doherty...90210's bad girl.  Not that I watched.  A fellow alum from 90210--Jenny Garth was also on the show, but not with Mark Ballas.  He's a good partner.  Let's see how well Shannen follows his lead.

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke

There have been many football players over the seasons, and most of them are surprisingly light on their feet.  Cheryl is an excellent dancer and teacher.  I see some potential here.

Neicey Nash & Louis van Amstel

Neicey Nash, hostess of "Clean House" on Style, could prove to be entertaining.  That is, if you can get past her voice.  She also has the curves required for the Latin dances.  Louis van Amstel is a great dancer.  It will be interesting to see how they work together.

 Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya

Olympic Gold medalist...like NOW...Evan Lysacek is not taking any breaks.  He is being paired up with Anna Trebunskaya.  This is her second season with the show. Past Olympians have gone home with the Silver Ball, will he?

Kate(+ 8) Gosselin and  Tony Dovolani

Kate Gosselin mother of 8 and newly divorced, what better way to keep the spotlight on you than to try your hand...errr..feet at dancing.  She has a wonderful partner in Tony Dovolani. 

Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood

Pamela Anderson needs no introduction.  Her partner does.  He is brand new to the dance team this year.  I think her name and her chest will keep her on til at least week 5.  

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough

Nicole Scherzinger of The PussyCat Dolls is partnered with perhaps the strongest dancer on the team.  Derek is an excellent teacher, and fabulous dancer.  If anyone can make a dancer out of someone, it is him.

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovsky

Erin Andrews, sportscaster for ESPN--had no idea honestly--has a very intense and hard core partner in Maksim.   It looks like a good match so far.

Jake Pavelka and Chelsea Hightower
Jake "The Bachelor" Pavelka is not a last minute replacement like Melissa Rycroft was, and that is good.  Because even with energetic and spunky Chelsea Hightower as his partner, I am seeing an early departure here.

Buzz Aldrin and Ashley Costa

Buzz Aldrin is the oldest celebrity dancer to date.  Sorry Buzz, it is going to be said... a lot...get used to it.  He is also paired with a new comer.  I can only say it will be fun to see how the spaceman does.

Aiden Turner and Edyta Slivinska

What man wouldn't want Edyta's long leg wrapped around him?  She is an original dance member and is known for scanty costumes.  Her height makes a handicap for some of her partners, but Aiden looks plenty strong and cute.  This will keep him around for a while.

Along with new dancers in the show, we are also saying goodbye to Samantha Harris, the dimwitted co-host.  Her replacement former DWTS winner:  Brooke Burke.  I think this will be a good match to Tom Burgeron.  But I will miss poking fun at Samantha Harris.

Remember the first show is Monday March 22, at 8PM on ABC.  Check back next Tuesday for my first impression and prediction of the first elimination.

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Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Hi Lourie,
Well, I never watch Dancing with the Stars, but it does look like there will be some interesting couples. Cute blog, stopping by to say hi from SITS today.


Everyday Mom Ideas said...

My sisters and I all get together and watch the bachelor and dancing with the stars. So we are more than thrilled that jake is going to be on DWTS. YES! Just hope he is not awful...

Visiting from SITS

Julia Writer said...

I can't wait to see how Kate Gosselin does. Should make for interesting viewing ha ha

Laura Lynn said...

I think this year's cast seems the most interesting. Especially with Pam and Kate on there. Can't wait to see it! Love your blog! I'll be checking in!

Linda said...

I love how you are a TV celebrity junkie like me. I skipped last season but want watch this one. But it conflicts with American Idol on Tues. I gots to have my Idol!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Hey! Thanks for your great email! I am now following you! I admit I was a little worried when I saw it was just an email and not a comment- I thought i was about to get flamed in private. LOL. Thanks for the support!

mormonhermitmom said...

I'll watch Buzz. I've watched DWTS in the past but stopped when my kids started saying "That dress is NOT modest!" ...all. the. time. So I gave it up.

Anonymous said...

Well... that's interessting but honestly i have a hard time seeing it... wonder how others think about this..

Lene said...

I think the girl from the Pussy-cat Dolls and Derek might be a tough team. It will be fun to watch. But Pam Anderson? Seriously?!?

Carolynn said...

I am so excited. I love watching them dance, and seeing the improvements each week.

Who will stay and who will go?

Let the kids know they are wearing costumes...much like athletes, like Ice dancers and even basket ball players.

KK said...

Oh dear, I am not a fan, but I'm a people pleaser so I'll try to watch for you!

Tracie said...

I never watch DWTS but somehow I keep up with the show via my parents and blogs. I might watch this year just to see how crass Kate comes off.

Emmy said...

I watched last year and loved it.. but so far not too excited about the celebrities. I guess I would want to watch to hopefully watch Kate fail, can't stand her.

But I am sure I will tune in at times.. right now just so many other shows and getting so behind.