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Friday Five: Yoga, Snow, Chocolate, and Beanies!

It is Friday...time to share some thoughts and pics and link up with my bestie!

1.  I think I need to get me some chocolate. I have been wanting some for a while now. The scary thing about chocolate is once you go there it's hard to stop. I know for a fact, I will not gain 20 pounds from a single bar of chocolate unless the bar is also 20 pounds. I just worry about the effects chocolate/candy has on us. It's very real. Sugar is a dangerous thing! Sigh.

2.  I want to write for a living. Who doesn't? I guess someone out there does not. I saw a writing opportunity that would be perfect for me. I can do the type of writing they wanted. However, they wanted a year of experience, they wanted it to be within the company itself(why advertise?) and so forth.

3.  Every day you should laugh. We need laughter. It keeps us young at heart. I laugh at myself mostly. My mental age on any given day is about 12, and sometimes I am a boy. I guess that explains my appreciation for a good fart…

When the Scale Doesn't Tell the Tale

I gained 1.6 pounds this week. I am not worried. It happens. The truth is, our bodies have a natural  algorithm which it follows and if you track your weight whether you are losing weight or not you will see a pattern in your weight. Mine is always the same. I lose a little, a little, a little, then I do some big ones and then a gain. Sometimes it's because I ate too many cookies, sometimes it's because I am retaining happens. Then there is exercise. Yes, exercise can actually show a gain. No, muscle does not weigh more than fat. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle both weigh the same. Muscle just takes up less space than fat. Also, when you are exercising your muscles create tears and those tears produce glycogen that will repair any damages. You know when you feel sore after a strenuous workout? That is your body repairing itself, and don't be surprised by a gain at the scale. Once your muscles feel better the scale will go back down. Never give up hope.…

Ten Things to Smile About

It's not even Friday and I am linking up with my bestie, Emmy! She does this beautiful meme once  month where we focus on the things that made us smile. It is a reminder that there is still good around us each and every day! Okay enough of the sticky stuff. Let's get on with the smiles.

1. Tying a bow tie for the first time. Plus the model is super cute.
2. We Californians get very excited about that stuff.
3. A much needed haircut. It got postponed 3 times. I was long overdue!!
4. Going to visit my was long long overdue.
5.  Playing Guitar Hero with said Bestie and totally sucking at it. It was sad, but so hilarious! 
6. Kristin and I do yoga at home for a lot of's free, it's convenient, and to be honest we would be kicked out of public yoga classes because we are loud, pick on each other, and laugh LOUDLY. I honestly have the best time with her. 
7. Speaking of Kristin, she teaches the 3 year olds at church and when one of them was offering t…

Million Dollar Smile

The phrase "million dollar smile" is probably not far from the truth for some people. Dental work is expensive there is no doubt about it. Some even joke that they should have taken up dentistry for the amount they are dishing out to care for their mouths. However, is it really the dentist who is making the money in the end? Some would agrue that yes indeed they are. I would venture to guess that they are not suffering terribly, however let's look at their schooling costs. "Most dental practitioners genuinely care about people but they also have to pay some hefty bills. As a pre-dental student headed into professional school, dental school alone will cost $200,00. That doesn’t include the cost of the undergrad degree which is another $100,000."(Source) They also talk about the enormous overhead that a private practice typically has (70%). The cost of the equipment and so forth. The chairs cost almost as much an economy car ranging from 10K and topping out at …