Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ten Things to Smile About

It's not even Friday and I am linking up with my bestie, Emmy! She does this beautiful meme once  month where we focus on the things that made us smile. It is a reminder that there is still good around us each and every day! Okay enough of the sticky stuff. Let's get on with the smiles.

Tying a bow tie for the first time. Plus the model is super cute.

We Californians get very excited about that stuff.

A much needed haircut. It got postponed 3 times. I was long overdue!!

4. Going to visit my bestie...it was long long overdue.

5.  Playing Guitar Hero with said Bestie and totally sucking at it. It was sad, but so hilarious! 

6. Kristin and I do yoga at home for a lot of reasons...it's free, it's convenient, and to be honest we would be kicked out of public yoga classes because we are loud, pick on each other, and laugh LOUDLY. I honestly have the best time with her. 

7. Speaking of Kristin, she teaches the 3 year olds at church and when one of them was offering the closing prayer in her class the day she had worn her prom dress, the little girl had said, "thank you for the princess" in her sweet little prayer.

8.  Bear with me here...there was sadness this month due to a monster called Cancer, we lost celebrities and a friend at church, but despite that there were smiles given. Funny and sweet stories were shared about this sweet sister who was called back home and I was glad to have known her, even for a short time. 

9.  We had the missionaries over for dinner. It's always fun, plus I enjoy the spirit they bring. This last visit was especially entertaining as both the missionaries and my children enjoyed conversations about anime. 

10.  Is it wrong that I smiled when I found a full bag of brown sugar in my cupboard so that I could make chocolate chip cookies? Because I totally did. 

Emmy Mom

What made you smile this month?


Shell said...

Thank you for the princess. <3 That's so sweet! I need to do my list!

Emmy said...

I would smile about finding what I needed for cooking to. That is so cute about the prayer! So adorable. It was so fun watching you humiliate yourself ;) Thanks for linking up!

Nicole said...

I want some chocolate chip cookies and yeah, you have a pretty cute model there!