Monday, January 25, 2016

Million Dollar Smile

The phrase "million dollar smile" is probably not far from the truth for some people. Dental work is expensive there is no doubt about it. Some even joke that they should have taken up dentistry for the amount they are dishing out to care for their mouths. However, is it really the dentist who is making the money in the end? Some would agrue that yes indeed they are. I would venture to guess that they are not suffering terribly, however let's look at their schooling costs. "Most dental practitioners genuinely care about people but they also have to pay some hefty bills. As a pre-dental student headed into professional school, dental school alone will cost $200,00. That doesn’t include the cost of the undergrad degree which is another $100,000."(Source) They also talk about the enormous overhead that a private practice typically has (70%). The cost of the equipment and so forth. The chairs cost almost as much an economy car ranging from 10K and topping out at 20K, and that is for ONE chair with the overhead light and so forth. Then there is the x-ray machine which also has a hefty price tag. Do you see that I have not even mentioned the labs where crowns are made which would be sent to a third party with their own price set, and yes at the choice of the dentist, but personally I want the dentist to choose a lab who takes care and time on creating a piece that will fit perfectly and match nicely since it is going to live inside my mouth.

I am not certain that becoming a dentist is the wisest of investments. I am certain though, that investing in your mouth, and teeth is. If you have weaker gums and teeth like I do, take extra care of them, they are the only set you get to keep.

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Emmy said...

They need to go to a different school for their undergrad degree as that is pricy! Though I know some schools that cost more then that. It is crazy how much the school does cost for doctors and dentists though.