Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five: Yoga, Snow, Chocolate, and Beanies!

It is Friday...time to share some thoughts and pics and link up with my bestie!

Emmy Mom

1.  I think I need to get me some chocolate. I have been wanting some for a while now. The scary thing about chocolate is once you go there it's hard to stop. I know for a fact, I will not gain 20 pounds from a single bar of chocolate unless the bar is also 20 pounds. I just worry about the effects chocolate/candy has on us. It's very real. Sugar is a dangerous thing! Sigh.

2.  I want to write for a living. Who doesn't? I guess someone out there does not. I saw a writing opportunity that would be perfect for me. I can do the type of writing they wanted. However, they wanted a year of experience, they wanted it to be within the company itself(why advertise?) and so forth.

3.  Every day you should laugh. We need laughter. It keeps us young at heart. I laugh at myself mostly. My mental age on any given day is about 12, and sometimes I am a boy. I guess that explains my appreciation for a good fart joke.

4. Yesterday, Ryan had band practice. This is normal and it is after school. I went to pick him up and he did not show up. Of course there was panic. I drove back and forth between home and the school no less than 3 times thinking he walked home. (We live very close). Then I went into the office and asked about his whereabouts. He has been moved into Honor Band, perhaps I missed a note on the form about extra time on band days (though I did see the band teacher LEAVING). What I had forgotten is Ryan had signed up for afterschool programs two days a week. One of the days being Thursday--same day as band. Apparently it goes on beyond band practice because he went after band practice, I scoured the form, no times are given. Ugh! Well. I took him home, and all was well. We discussed the importance of making sure a parent knew where he was. Sigh.

5.  Doing yoga is hard enough, but doing it with a cat is extra challenging. My cat likes to claim me by rubbing my head when I am in downward facing dog or other such poses. He lays on my mat when I am standing making it hard and awkward to get into position when returning to seated or other postures. He kind of goes bat crap crazy, and the funny thing is, I do it every night. Silly beast.

And here is the cat who helps during yoga. Crazy animal.

This is my brother's cat, Sumo. Sumo is a Maine Coone. He's big, fluffy, and very friendly. 

I did a photo shoot of my oldest in her cosplay. This is the back of the camera. I have edited 5 of the 48 pictures. 

This one is not my picture. It is a friend's picture who lives back east in VA where I used to live. Yeah, school was canceled that day. Hahaha. 
Stealing my son's beanie and rocking it like a boss. 

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Emmy said...

That is so awesome he has been moved into Honor band! I had a pick up scare like that once, it is not a fun feeling at all. Glad all was well. Now I really want chocolate! Thanks a lot!