Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Five

Emmy Mom

I am joining my bestie Emmymom for Friday Five! I don't blog hardly ever very often, but there are times I remember I actually have a blog!!

1.  School is going on normally. I am currently in a Linguistics class which I thought I would dispise. It turns out, I am loving it. It's all about everything I love. WORDS! Where the words came from, how we borrowed, and learned. By the way, give thanks to Shakespeare for a great chunk of words for he was a lover of them. 

2.  My oldest daughter is officially enrolled in college. I think I want to cry, jump for joy, hold her back and say, "No you cannot grow anymore!" She is going to BYU Idaho online through the Pathways program. It is awesome, and affordable. The best thing about it, when she gets her degree she will be able to walk with her peers as if she went to the Univeristy itself!! How cool is that? Go Cougars!! 

3.  Speaking of kids growing up...Emily is growing up too. Shoot.  She is learning French. Not only is she learning French, she is doing it quite well. I want so badly to learn with her. Stay young my tiny human.

4.  This year we only managed one beach trip. I am desperately trying to figure out how to sneak one more in there. We usually have at least three. If I could, I would rent one of those beach houses for a week. Now that would be awesome!! 

5.  So Emmy talked about how her kids (at times) have a tendency to "squabble", fight, brawl, whatever word suits your fancy! When your kids are young, I think it is all right. They will have their moments. Her kids are young. It is going to happen.  However, when MY kids do it...the 15 and near 10 year old, I just have to roll my eyes and say, "Really!? Again!?" Although, at age 15 you are so over your little brother being an obnoxious little snot ALL THE TIME that you cannot take it anymore. And when you are nearly ten, it is your station in life to torment your sister. ALWAYS!  So I am here to say, it doesn't go away because they get older, it goes away because they mature. Me and my sister figured it out, when she grew up...I was always the perfect child! DUH!

I took this headshot of Kristin for a job she is pursuing.

From our GA trip...proof positive that he is all boy!

This girl is very elusive! When you capture her it is GOLD. Isn't she a doll?

Look at me...22 pounds down!!  Woot!

Me and the girls before our annual girls trip!