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Are you totally confused because I am posting on a Saturday?  Well that is okay, I often get confused myself.  Yesterday I was confused at least three times that I can recall.  One time of confusion I tried to put the brown sugar in the fridge.  Another time I called Emily "Ryan."  Yeah I know we all do that one.  Then last night before leaving the house, I put on my slippers!  Yep.  That wasn't the first time I have done that trick.  And it won't be the last.

Last night, after a rousing game of Apples to Apples with the kids, Rich took me out for pie.  Yum.  I got blueberry with ice cream.   I figure I get fiber and dairy that way. You have to love my mind!  After pie, we went to Target --totally exciting I know.  Try not to be too jealous, k--I had to buy Pull-Ups for the boy.  I forgot to when I had gone grocery shopping earlier. Grrr.  Hate that.  I got the Pull-Ups plus notebooks, pens, highlighters and crayons.  Did you remember I have a passion for this stuff?…

Kid TV

I let my kids watch TV.  Shocker, I know.I let them watch for more than an hour at a time too.Especially when I am down with a migraine.But sometimes just because I have things I want need to do.A lot of times they will start watching one of their shows and then they will leave the room to go and play.And I don't turn the TV off.I keep watching their show.I don't want to watch it.  It's on.If the remote is across the room, the TV will stay on...until I get up.Usually this is about the time the kids come backAnd ask me why I turned off the TVI didn't realize I was supposed to leave it on.  If the remote is by me that implies control has been relinquished back to me.Sometimes I will change the channel and watch one of "my shows."But I don't want to explain what "Slut" means while I am watching Golden Girls.So that is why I just watch their stuff during the day.Yeah that's it.What is it that you do not do?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Alphabet Soup

Since last week was the letter Z, Jenny decided to have Alphabet soup today! And the letter that came up in my spoon today is:

The Letter J I do not remember how I came to know Jenny.  If it was through a fellow blogger or what.  But I am glad I know her.  She is funny, sweet, and a fabulous writer! She also is a new age woman! You should check our her Story Time Tuesday!  If you haven't been to her site go and drop by, I know she would love to have you over.  Jenny, I am glad I met you and I am glad we are friends!  ((hugs))

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Are you ready for last weeks facts and fiction?  Do you remember what you guessed?  It's okay if you don't.  I had to go and look back to…

Welcome to the Party!

See that  link right below?  Click that to join the fun.  Emily has a Dr. Appt at 9AM but I will be there!

Something happened with the link is the new improved link
Blog Party *fingers crossed!*  I really want this to work!!!

Sticky Situations

If you are anything like me, you have a total love affair with office supplies.  So when school supplies start filling the shelves, I have a tendency to go crazy spend a lot a little on supplies I don't need I will use.  How can I resist?  Pens.  Papers.  Notebooks.  Binders.  The notebooks are .15 cents!  A package of 10 wide crayola markers are one dollar!  A DOLLAR!  Composition books are .25cents.  And in the midst of my office obsession are post its!  I love post its!  But the virtual ones are even better!  Windows 7 has sticky notes!  And I use them!  Ah!  Maybe there is a 12 step program for me and my weakness for office supplies.  While I am off searching, you can read on my post it notes for the day.

There is a site called CHATZY.  On this site you can create a room for chat.  I was introduced to this site a few years ago when a site I was on was having issues and its members needed a fix.  Anychat...tomorrow if I do it right, there s…


Turn up your volume or use headphones. 

Remember I said I would totally host a blog party??  Well how about the next best thing.  This Wednesday I will be hosting  a blog CHAT party!  More details tomorrow!

Getting to Know You

Thought I would play along...

1. If you had to choose a country to live in besides USA (or the country you live in), which would it be?

I would choose Australia. 

2. Which would be worse, wearing flip flops in the snow or wearing gloves in the summer?
Oh my...flip flops in winter would be way worse.  Cold hurts.
3. Fried or Bake and why?
Both because I can't choose!
4. If you were an entertainment reporter, which celeb would you love to interview and why?

Well I would have to interview Taylor Lautner or my daughter would kill me.  For me personally.  I would choose Johnny Depp.  Somehow he has managed to keep very private and I would like to know more about him.
5. What was your favorite book as a preteen/teenager?
The Outsiders hands down!

6. List your top 3 guilty pleasure television shows.

Phineas and Ferb, Desperate Housewives and old reruns of shows past.
7. What bumper sticker slogan best describes you/your attitude/your life?

8. If you were to join a circus - what performer …