Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alphabet Soup

Jenny Matlock

Since last week was the letter Z, Jenny decided to have Alphabet soup today! And the letter that came up in my spoon today is:

The Letter J
I do not remember how I came to know Jenny.  If it was through a fellow blogger or what.  But I am glad I know her.  She is funny, sweet, and a fabulous writer! She also is a new age woman! You should check our her Story Time Tuesday!  If you haven't been to her site go and drop by, I know she would love to have you over.  Jenny, I am glad I met you and I am glad we are friends!  ((hugs))



Are you ready for last weeks facts and fiction?  Do you remember what you guessed?  It's okay if you don't.  I had to go and look back to see what it was I told you! LOL

1.  I have been a helicopter:  False.  I have never been on one.  Funny thing, I actually knew someone who flew them.  Why did I not ask him to take me up in it!?  What an adventure that would have been!

2.  I have been on a ship:  True.  My husband is a retired Coastie.  He was stationed on a 718 foot cutter.  This one in fact...

Coast Guard Cutter Chase

Rich was stationed on the CG Cutter Chase when we met.  And one of the perks of being a dependent/friend/girlfriend, is that you were treated to a special day cruise.  I was fortunate enough to go on two of these cruises.  I only remember one since the first one I was drugged up on Dramamine!

3.  I have been on a twin prop airplane.  I have indeed.  In 1997 when my sil graduated from college we flew down to San Antonio for the graduation and family get together.  For whatever reason, we had to take one of those miserable planes from San Antonio to Dallas before heading back home to N.California.  It might have had 10 passengers and it did have ONE flight attendant.  I hated every gut wrenching, bumping, nauseating moment of it!  

Now for some party facts and fiction!

1.  I was the center of attention at a cast party
2.  I have been toilet papering
3.  I played spin the bottle


What's every one talking about?  Come on and see!



Christina Lee said...

wow a twin prop airplane?

okay I say spin the bottle is false since it's more obvious that ALL of US has played it as youths ;--)

Emmy said...

I am guessing spin the bottle is false and if that is correct you aren't alone. I have never played it.

Viki said...

I will say 1 is false and 2 & 3 are true lol but I really don't know.

The Drama Mama said...

I'm going to say #1. And I'm fuming because blogger ATE my post!! Grrr.

Tracy said...

this was good to read

mormonhermitmom said...

Who hasn't been toilet papering or played spin the bottle? :)

Shelley said...

Your blog is so much easier to read now!! The polka dots were cute but hard to read the text! Yay!

Aubree said...

i agree going in a helicopter sounds exciting!
and toilet papering is fun haha but i haven't actually done that in a long time. i like the new layout, too

Linda Medrano said...

Spin the bottle? Naw!

Brenda said...

Your a writer so I would guess you could have been the center of attention at a cast party. I think everyone has toilet papered something. I am over 50 and have never played spin the bottle so I expect I am not the only one. My guess the fib is Spin the Bottle.

Cheryl D. said...

My guess is TPing. I bet you've never done that!

Jo said...

okay, i totally have you pegged as a toilet papering type of gal ... and the "cast" party sounds plausible ... i am guessing you haven't played spin the bottle.

Holly said...

Jenny is Tickled Pink this week and you are a winner! And I vote that spin the bottle is the lie.

signed...bkm said...

Toilet papered yes, spin the bottle no ..yes on the center of attention...but why is the real question...bkm

blueviolet said...

Everyone has gone TP'ing which means you probably haven't??

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I think most of us probably went TPing and played spin the bottle at sometime growing up. I'm guessing you weren't center of attention at a cast party.

Jenny said...

Oh, you! What a sweet, sweet post to add to our tasty Alphabet Soup this week!

I feel just the same about meeting you, too, Lourie!

And it is definitely spin the bottle. You are wayyyy too young to even know about that game!

Thanks for linking!


Anonymous said...
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