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A Star is Born

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What a beautiful young woman!
Happy Birthday, Kristin!!!

The Phantom Pooper/Pee-er

There's a phantom pooper/pee-er in our house.  It's true.  More than once a day, and in more than one toilet(we have three) I have the pleasure of finding souvenirs.   I am pretty sure it is not the cat.  I know it isn't Rich or me.  I forget a lot of stuff, but flushing isn't one of them.  Thankfully, I still remember that one.  I am even likely to offer a courtesy flush if necessary.

The phantom pooper/pee-er knows no boundaries.  He/she will use any bathroom for any bathroom need.  I have given up grilling the kids on their recent use of the potty because they will deny it or simply blame one another.  I can understand when you are small and learning to use the toilet why you would forget or even be afraid.  It makes a big noise and sucks away the waste.  But come on.  You guys are getting older now.  Time to push the handle and say good bye to your stuff.  And please don't tell me you forgot.  How do you forget to flush? 

So you never when or where The Phantom…

Dancing With The Stars Season 13

I thought it would be so lackluster, and I was pleasantly surprised Monday night by almost all of these cast members who brought a little something different to the dance floor.  I still say my cast is better, but since I don't work for ABC yet we will go with theirs.

Ron and Peta 1-800-868-3401 Ron is a basketball player so he is very tall as you can see, and he had that "Dennis Rodman" thing going on with his hair.  Whatever.  His four year old daughter is a cancer survivor.  It tugged at my heart strings a little.  As much as my heart strings were tugged, he was very stiff on the floor.  Loosen up!  Have some fun, and get funky.  They danced the Cha-Cha.
Len told him it was a new season, but it was the same shimy-ing about and that it was lackluster.  Bruno said it looked as if "Dance-A-Tron" had landed.  He told he definitely had power and presence, but he needed to work on technique.  Carrie Ann told him he was eccentric and sexy...somebody hose her down.…

Who's Old?

Sometimes I feel like I am still 20 something.  Especially when I am watching episodes of FRIENDS.  But then it hits me, that show started in 1994.  Which means we are heading for that 20 year mark.  Ouch that one hurt.  But they are (in the show) still so fresh and in the peak of their lives.  Of course because the show is in reruns.  The actors have aged just as I have.  Are they feeling it too?

I remember when I turned 35...things had already started to shift and change.  Yes, I said shift.  One thing I noticed right away was I sweated way more.  I also noticed that getting up from sitting (in a car or at the movies) caused me to make sounds that I didn't make before. And now more things have happened.  My body creeks and pops when I move.  I am happy and proud to say that I Zumba, but when she starts twisting at the waist and works the core, my back pops.  It feels good, but it POPS!

And speaking of sounds, since when does passing gas...FARTING... become part MY morning routi…

Toddlers and Belly Fat

I am all for teaching the family about healthy eating.  I am not exactly doing it, but I am definitely all for it.  I am all for introducing new foods to my kids, knowing full well they will likely turn their noses up at it.  I insist that they at least try one bite of something new so they can truly decide if they like it or not.  I understand this news piece.  I do...and the article that goes with it, which can be found here.   My problem is presentation:  TODDLERS AND BELLY FAT.  WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST!?  Toddlers are supposed to have sticky outy bellies people!  And that woman talking about her daughter in the video!  About how she can SEE the gain of a couple of nights sweet treats in her daughters belly!!  What the heck!?  Is she trying to create an eating disorder in her child?  Am I overreacting?  And I love the doctor.  I actually commented on the site, "How many children does she have?"  She doesn't talk like she has she any.  I know my kids well enough to know…