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Sweet Dreams

Have you ever dreamed you were the opposite sex?  Did it freak you out both in the dream and in reality?  I have dreamed this more than once.  And it has freaked me out.  Do I want to be the opposite sex?  Or is it just morbid natural curiosity? 

Have you ever dreamed something that left you feeling sad, angry, or guilty--whatever emotion you may have experienced in the dream when you wake up?  I have.  I have woke up feeling angry and not because I was in a bad mood--although it didn't help.  It was because of the dream I had.  And then I have to spend the better part of a day convincing myself it was just dream.

Have you ever dreamed you could do something you can't really do?  I often dream I can figure skate.  Like Kristi Yamaguchi!  I will pull off triple axles, triple toe loops and the whole thing.  However, when I dream I have magical powers they always fail me.  Now where is the logic in that?  I couldn't do a triple anything in reality, but for some reason I can …
The letter U is not an easy letter to work with.  Then it hit me...kind of hurt too.  Unicorns.  Who doesn't love these mythical majesties.  They are elusive, graceful, and have healing powers in their horns.  Did you know that?  I didn't.  I learned that from wikipedia on the internetz so it must be true.

Growing up one of my favorite movies was The Last Unicorn.  A story about a lone unicorn who learns she is the last of her kind.  She doesn't believe it to be so she sets off on an adventure to find her friends.

I tape recorded this movie.  That's right, tape recorded it.  Because we didn't have a VCR...yet.  So I LISTENED to my movie over and over.  I still remember some of its dialogue.  Another favorite tale of the unicorn is told in a poem by one of my very favorite poets as a kid, Shel Silverstein:  The Unicorn.  It totally explains it all! 

What little girl doesn't fall in love with these beautiful creatures.  Real or imagined, the unicorn is an amazing…

Wind in My Hair

I may not have a convertible....
But that doesn't mean I can't have wind in my hair...

What's Your Day Like?

Actually, the only thing not "typical" would be the church activity.  Typically I am running here and there and every where.

**** Ooops I forgot....head over to Drama Mama's Blog Party.  She's got lots of features in particular that is close to my heart.  :) ****

Did You Know....

Did you know that I am trendy?  Really, it's true...and I have proof.... Who says I'm trendy?  Sarah at No, Don't and Stop! That's who!  Thank you for calling me trendy!  I am thrilled to be that category!
Did you know, that not only am I trendy, but I am also beautiful??  It's true. Who says I'm beautiful?  Besides my husband I mean....well... that would be The Drama Mama over at The Scoop on Poop!   If you haven't been by her place, go and check her out.  She is having a blog party this week.   Now did you know I am supposed to tell you all ten things about myself?  What can I about...
1.  I was born in Whittier, CA 2.  I have a sister 3.  And a brother 4.  They are both older than me! 5.  My niece just turned 20 scary. 6.  I met Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell during Quantum Leap.  *swoon* 7.  I had a crush on my drama teacher. 8.  He totally knew it too. 9.  And he never embarrassed me for it. 10.  My all time favorite movie ever is The Wizard of Oz. Did you…