Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review Extravaganza April thru June

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It is time for part two of The Review Extravaganza! For the complete rules and the prizes go here. Now for my recap of April, May and June of 2013... April... My father gave us all a tremendous scare. He ended up with a severe case of pnumonia. He was intubated and in the ICU for about 5 days. Praise the Lord he made it out all right. He was on oxygen for several months. He now walks everyday, and only needs inhalers to keep his lungs clear. It was a miracle.
On the lighter side of things... Emily got glassess...who knew she was having such a hard time seeing!!!
Have you ever heard of "Vadering" yeah, well we all did it. I hope   think the neighbors thought we were nuts!
There was also the Spring Production of Bye Bye Birdie where Kristin was able to do something she does very well...FAN GIRl!

On the first Saturday in May, we went to our local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day.  Kristin cos-played as The Joker where she received a lot of attention.  She got major attention by one Hero in particular.  He even asked her to pose with his daughter (a little squirt about 3 years old dressed like Bat Girl!) She (Kristin was geeking out!)

Then there was Mother's Day, and guess what happens when you put a whole bunch of bloggers together to in one restaurant?  Welll....  Then in June...we had talent, camp outs, beach, birthdays and a MAN OF STEEL!!!  Before that first beach trip...Ryan treated us to his mad dance skills at the school talent show. 

There was also Ryan's first father/son camp out!
A MAN OF STEEL!!  ***Swoon***  See Emmy, I don't always root for the bad guy!
A birthday!  Emily turned 13 this year.  We had three milestone birthday's this year.  Hers was the first of the three.
Emily is so lucky she shares her birthday with the city, so every year she gets fireworks on her birthday! We go the weekend before the fourth every year.

And that about sums it up! What about you? Link up and get your chance to win over $600 in prizes. a Rafflecopter giveaway