Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Life Isn't Perfect

My life and family are not perfect! But look at that picture! I mean, it's beautiful.  Emmy takes remarkable pictures.  And this family looks perfect.  But no family is perfect.  Dad was out of work for over a year because this economy sucks.  We are still struggling.  It's okay.  He has a job now and we are all thrilled and thanking the Lord.   What about those kids?  All kids have struggles.  Middle school and high school are a force we all have to reckon with. It's brutal.  Life just sometimes sucks.  Families can be pains, but despite all that we still smile and support each other.  Just like in this picture.  Therefore, it is great to look back remember what it is we smiled about....

1.  One Sunday in church, I saw a little guy literally strutting through the chapel.  It was a sight to behold.

2.  My birthday made me smile a lot.  We had the missionaries over.  We ate food, we laughed, it was good.

3.  It was Kristin's sweet sixteen party.  We had a "red carpet" event and it was loads of fun for her and her friends.

4.  Okay...I admit it...I am a 12 year old boy....but if you don't have Plantz v Zombies 2 you can't say anything.  There is a plant in there...okay I see some of you are already laughing!  It's a bean...more laughing....if the Zombie eats it he farts and dies.  Yep, I'm a 12 year old boy.

5.  Sometimes...I play the "lazy" game.  I played this game the day after the party I mentioned earlier.  I guess that counts as smiling. 

6.  Rich got his first official paycheck in over a year.  He brought bacon!  We celebrated by ordering pizza with bacon as one of the toppings.

7.  Kristin's joy over her party was my smile...does that count?  I mean I mentioned it twice.  

8.  Sometimes smiles come from strange places. Last week, Mom and I were out and about (getting party supplies) we were stopped for lunch at Subway and in line was a soldier in full BDU's --think camouflage--a few people ahead was a young man maybe 18-- he turned to that soldier and shook his hand and thanked him for his service.  Now that made my heart swell!

9.   Watching the Emmy's and tweeting up a storm (I rarely tweet if ever) when they showed Matt LeBlanc from Friends in the Audience... I tweeted this:  Joey!  How you doin!   I was pretty pleased with that.

10.  And speaking of the Emmy's...watching them with my son was cracking me up.  He was very excited to see "Sheldon" and asked if all the people had to wear church clothes.  He was elated when "Sheldon" aka Jim Parsons won for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. It was quite the spectacle.  Too bad they couldn't see it.  He may be their youngest fan that doesn't watch the show.

What made you smile this month?