Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Confessional

I have to confess...I have no idea what I am going to say.

Monday was easy because I answered your questions.

Tuesday was Dancing with the Stars.  And it was a long and crazy day filled drama.

Oh yeah, I hate drama.  I especially hate petty drama that I would prefer to squash the crap out of!

Cramps suck.

Too much?

Yeah I thought so too.

I learned that a Special Hershey Dark Chocolate bar is 4 points.  For the whole bar.

I hate grocery shopping.  Except when I get to go alone.  Then I enjoy it.  Does that make me sad?

Spring break starts tomorrow and I am thrilled.  Really I am.  No homework.  Sleeping in.  Now I just have to entertain 3 kids for 14 days!  Any thoughts?

I am a procrastinator.  No really.  It's true.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

What WAS He Doing???

Yesterday for "Wordless Wednesday," I posted this picture.   I asked what you all thought he was doing.  The most common guess was of course sleeping.  Kids DO sleep in the oddest places and positions.   However, in this picture,  Ryan is NOT sleeping.  He is playing with cars.  He is driving them on the cushions, in between the cushions and up and down the couch.  If you look really closely, you can see a car in his right hand.  Don't you wish you were still that flexible?  What weird positions have your kids gotten themselves into?  Were they playing or were they asleep?

If you head over to my other blog, you will notice that this exact same post is there! Ooops!  Call it a blond moment.  You will also get to see my progress.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

I was so excited for this premier that I jumped the gun a little with my first post about it.  While I had the date right, I kept saying it was a week away.  Well it was two.  And it felt like forever!   Forgive me, I didn't take time for photos.

*All couples start with a 10 for a score*

First up was Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke.  Chad changed his last name to Ochocinco to match his number: 85.  Just a little trivia there.  He is a bit of a character.  He gave his shiny bald head a toss as he told Cheryl, "I'm just gonna let down my hair."  After some first attempts at moves, Cheryl gave him positive feedback, "good job" to which he said, "Never tell me good job.  Only tell me it is good if it was perfect,"  She looked at him a second then said, "Okay, you suck.  Do it again!"  Love it.

Their first dance, The Cha-Cha-Cha.

My take:  He needs to move more.  He has a lot of potential.  The ladies will vote to keep him around.

Len:  He said Chad was a tiger, and that he attacked this dance.  He told him he has a lot of potential and that he just needs polish and to improve his posture. Score 6

Bruno:  HUGE TALENT!  Bruno exclaimed.  He advised chad to look sharper.  You can dance, he said.  Score: 6

Carrie Ann:  (squirming a bit in her seat and grinning) Chad you got a little something somethin going on there!  She went onto say that he has a raw talent and that there is more to it!  She wants to feel it!  And see more. (Yeah we know what you want Carrie!) Score 6


Couple #2 :  Shannen Dohtery & Mark Ballas.  She may have been the bad girl on 90210, but she was so sweet when she spoke of her father.  He recently suffered a stroke and she wants to do this for him.  She was terrified to get out there.  The dance:  The Viennese Waltz.  For someone who was scared to the point that she feared she would break out in hives, she did beautifully.  Mistakes here and there, but a lovely performance.

Len:  He said she performed a challenging dance with ease and elegance.  That he loved the footwork.  He told her to work on her posture.  (huge compliment coming from Len) Score:  6

Carrie Ann:  She was "really impressed."  She told Shannen that at first she was really in her head, but then she opened up.  Good potential. Score 6

Bruno:  This was a very difficult piece.  He began.  It was hard to get right.  You were swinging your arms wrong--he got booed for that.  Her father was beaming and that was enough for her.  Score: 6


Couple #3:  Erin Andrews and Maksim.  "Max" is known for being a tough teacher.  Erin Andrews being competitive, wanted someone who was tough.  She got it in Max.  She teased and told him she had asked for Tony.

The dance:  Cha-Cha-Cha.  She is a tall woman and very leggy.  So Max is an excellent match for her.  She did good and moved well.

Carrie Ann:  Good moves and good connection.  She instructed Erin to work on her arms and legs describing them as too soft.  Score: 7

Len:  A funky monkey!  More instruction to work on the arms and legs.  Score: 7

Bruno:  Zest and vitality!  Great!  Have you danced before???  (no was her answer) He too instructed her to work on the leg work.


Couple #4  Jake Pavelka and Chelsea  Oh the moment I have been waiting for!  I nearly gagged when he brought her a rose at their first meeting.  Come on ABC!  Really?  He was falling all over the place in the first practice.  "I stepped on my own foot!  How do you even do that??"  Chelsea had the best response to his frustration, "It's not about being the best, it's about improving."  And the cheese continues for their Viennese Waltz when Jake presents her with a rose to open the dance.  UGH!  Please drop this rose bit now!  Despite the cheese, I was surprised with Jake.  He posed a little too much rather than danced, but overall not too shabby.

Len:  moved well, good job, good potential.  work on posture.  score: 7

Bruno:  Calm down!!  A good effort.  score:  6

Carrie Ann:  Very impressed.  Gorgeous lines, and bravado. Very easy on the eyes.

Bruno:  ROUGH!

Carrie Ann:  (eye rolling Bruno) work on the posture.

Okay seriously judges...did they slip you some happy juice?  Wake up!  You are half the show!!!


Couple #5:  Neicey Nash and Louis.  Being a big fan of Clean House, Kristin is already wanting to vote for Neicey.  She is a character!  "I like my jiggly parts!" she boasted.  She doesn't want to drop too much poundage(as they most often do!)"I am not going to be the chubby girl in the back!  I am going to be the nice thick woman up front!"  She is going to be a lot of fun!

The dance:  Cha-Cha-Cha

Neicey started out very cautious with a dance that allows a full figured woman such as herself to shake her "jiggly parts."  After a few measures, Neicey relaxed a little and moved more.    I want to see her stay, she is funny and she will definitely progress positively.

Bruno:  This dance had two personalities.  Sassy lady and born again virgin! Score 6

Carrie Ann:  How is it not sassy!?  Good energy, it added personality. Score 7

Len:  (delivering his famous opener) For was an eventful flat cha-cha-cha.  (audience booooooos)  Score: 5 Ouch!  Welcome back Len, I missed you.

Neicey:  I remembered the routine!  I am happy!


Couple # 6  Evan Lysacek and Anna.  Evan explains he is often accused of being to technical of a skater and hopes to disprove that on the dance floor.  Much like his predecessor, Kristi Yamaguchi, he was stumbling and falling all over the place--even more so than Jake!  Anna is a good sport and teacher.  

The dance:  Viennese Waltz.  They used Evan's talent to their ultimate advantage in this elegant dance.  I thought he did very well.  In some places, it looked more like skating than dancing, but that will change over time.  This will ultimately add to his ability as a skater and a dancer!

Carrie Ann:  Woooo!  You are GOOD!  Work on your toes.  You need to point them, you aren't wearing boots anymore.  (I would never have looked for this, but I will next week!)  You also need to make a connection with your partner.  Score: 8

Len:  Great posture, but clumsy feet!  You need to work on your posture and chemistry with your partner.  You are a couple now.  Score: 7

Bruno:  Beautiful!  You are graceful like a swan!  (his comments are so much more fun with his accent and his grand gestures)  score 8


Couple #7  Buzz Aldrin and Ashley Costa.  Ashley is a returning dancer from season 3.  I didn't start watching until season 4 or 5 so I didn't know this.  I wish I could tell you what Buzz said.  He is so dang cute!   A cute Grandpa man.  I can't remember what he said, because they had a clip of his wife.  HOLY FACELFITS BATMAN!!!  While Buzz looks fabulous for a man of 80, the missus, looks like her face has been stretched beyond its own capacity.  yikes!  she scares me.  

The dance:  The Cha-Cha-Cha.  Rough around the edges, and moving like someone who is 80 Buzz did all right.  He was having fun.  That's all that matters.  I want to see him stay; at least for a little while.

Len:  I commend you for your bravery.  The dance wasn't very good. (boooos)  Score: 4 OUCH!  Gees Len, you went from Nice to Nasty in a matter of minutes.

Tom Bergeron:  How's the British space program doing?  Touche!

Bruno:  It looked like you had moon boots on!  Score: 5

Carrie Ann:  was there a little moon walk in there?  (ok it has officially lost its charm.)  You inspired a ton of people tonight.  (indeed!)  Score: 5

Couple # 8  Nicole Scherzinger and Derek.  A lot of people are saying she has the advantage because she dances on stage.  This is true, she does dance.  However, her dancing is "chest pumps" and "booty bumps."  In other words, she dances hip hop.  Len disapproves of this in a major way.  This is BALLROOM dancing he will say.  Nicole's biggest advantage is performing for an audience.  Big ones.  

The dance:  Viennese Waltz.  Derek is an awesome teacher, and chooses choreography that suits his student.  She shined.  I see a contender.
Bruno:  I expected bump and grind.  I am astounded!  Score: 9

Carrie Ann:  The bar has been set tonight!  I haven't seen a routine like that out of the gate ever!  Score: 9

Len:  There was no footwork.  Standing spins.  You lacked musicality and you need to work on technique.  Score: 7  (Ouch!  Did your happy juice turn on you?)


Our co-host, former DWTS trophy winner, Brooke Burke has been interviewing each couple afterward.  Having been in their shoes before, she knows first hand what they are feeling and how scary the whole thing is.  So far, I only have one gripe with her....STAND UP STRAIGHT WOMAN!!!  She is a tall lovely model.  Stand tall and proud!  Samantha Harris may have been a little on the dense side of things, but she stood proud.  

Couple # 9  Aiden Turner and Edyta.  The ladies are definitely going to swoon for him!  I had no idea he was British.  He's good looking and has an accent that melts butter.  Add to that, he said, "When meeting a lady for the first time, you should always bring her something."  He came bearing a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gift.  Edyta was nearly speechless.  "You have your hands full, " Aiden said, "and with me you definitely have your hands full!"  

The dance:  Cha Cha Cha.  Edyta is known for two things:  uniqueness in choreography, and skimpy costumes.  She delivered with both.  Opening the dance with Aiden on the bandstand and she wearing a coat.  Aiden jumps off the bandstand to get to her and she in turn throws off the coat to reveal a costume made of fringe.  The body suit underneath was nude colored.  How much was costume and how much was Edyta is unknown.

Aiden is good looking as I said, a charmer.  He had nice movement with his arms, his feet were also doing pretty good, but otherwise he was holding back and was stiff.  You can do this Aiden!  Step out of the comfort zone!

Tom Bergeron:  (as the couple comes to the judges table)  We are one gust of wind away from an SCC fine with this one.  (gestures to Edyta.)

Carrie Ann:  I liked the approach but there was no gusto.  I was disappointed.  You were on the beat, but it lacked musicality.  It didn't flow.  Score:  5

Len:  There is a dancer in there, but for me this dance was full everything I don't like.  You jumping off the stage, you with the coat, and your shaking your wobbly bits while she's dancing about.  (booooooo)  Score: 5

Bruno:  There is nothing going in the groin!  It wasn't going darling!  Nothing.  If you haven't got that, you haven't got heart.  You were stiff like a plant.  Score: 5


Couple #10  Kate Gosselin and Tony.  I don't know much about her.  Why is that?  Because I never watched Kate plus eight, and she is not a celebrity!  But, I will watch and see.  Kate has taken it upon herself to dedicate her dancing to us moms everywhere.  Aww isn't that just sweet of her!?  Ick!  Blech! And NO!  I have instantly lost any respect I may have ever considered.  Who are you?  

The dance:  The Viennese Waltz.  At first I was watching Tony.  It occurred to me, that he is perhaps the closet rival to Derek on the dance floor.  He exudes grace and maintains his manliness. Then I remembered it is Kate I am supposed to be observing.  Even with a great partner, she was failing.  I guess all us "moms" out there are hopeless!  Pffft!  I am not certain, but I swear I saw a lift.  A total no-no.  Nobody said anything.

Len:  Your first dance is like your first date.  Your nervous, you don't know what to expect.  You need to just enjoy it.  Score: 5

Bruno:  Your technique is terrible.  It looked like Tony was pushing around a shopping cart.  (boooooo) Shut up! I'm right!  Score: 5

Carrie Ann:  You are not a performer, you are not an athlete.   This all new and you have a long way to go.  You did it though.  Score: 6


Couple #11  Pamela Anderson and Damian --a newbie to DWTS.  Pamela Anderson.  Really?  Are we selling sex on the show?  I had my doubts.  Pamela sheepishly admits to having no rythmn, that she is completely tone deaf, but she loves music.  Well, she is humble... at least she appears to be.  

The dance:  The Cha Cha Cha.  She started out rough, but then in one move, Damian had her on track and she surprised me.  She did pretty darn good.

Bruno:  SEX! SEX! SEX! And more SEX, Stripperella!  Give it to me girl!  {I was totally dying at this point}  Score: 8

Carrie Ann:  I was waiting the most to see you, and you did not disappoint!  Score: 7 

Bruno: (standing)  You're dangerous!!!

Len:  We have a brilliant cast this season.  You were messy.  It was wrong.  It was off. (booooo)  Score: 6  geees Len.  That was harsh.

I was most disappointed in Kate,  I was most surprised by Pamela.  I want to see Buzz stay a little longer.  I won't be sad if Kate is the first to go.  Next week is another round of dancing and then next Tuesday is the first elimination.  I will be posting my next recap, Wednesday next week following the results show.

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday