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I Have Issues...

I have issues, but don't we all?  Actually, I am writing more about quirks.  We all have these little quirks about us.  You know the ones that only your family knows about.

Every night before I go to bed, I put Blistex on my lips.

It's not just a routine thing.

If I don't do it, my lips suddenly feel dryer and dryer.  Plus it is really dry here so they become parched.

I have Blistex on my table/desk next to where I sit and my laptop lives.

I have Blistex on my nightstand.

I have Blistex in my purse.

I think they have rehab for this.

I can't answer a simple question.

It's true.

Ask my husband.

I do what we like to call a verbal detour.

You know... he will ask how much money we have.

I will say:  Well we have to pay the phone bill, the water, oh and then there is this other thing...after all that we will have this much left.

Yeah, I answer most questions that way.

So if you ask me a question, and I just sit's okay cause I am following the detour in my …

Baby Fever

Now don't get excited.  I do not have baby fever.  I don't even have low grade baby fever. No it is Mama Kat's writing prompt!  I chose the #1 prompt:   Baby fever is in the air. Describe what you would do differently as a first time mom.

When I was pregnant with my first some 12 and a half years ago, I had dreams of walks in the park, a cooing cherub, and her playing happily and chewing on a toy.  You know kind of like a diaper commercial.  Yeah reality bites, and it usually bites you right in the butt.  First of all, she was not a cherub.  There are pictures of yours truly at 3 days old and I was a fatty.  My mom had big babies.  Kristin was tiny, just like she is now.  She was very long and very skinny thin.  Just like now.  She really was beautiful.  She is beautiful.  How I loved those big bright blue eyes.  Her eyes are now grey, and they are still huge.

Now, nobody told me that they poop 20 zillion times a day.  And nobody ever told me about diaper blowouts.  And n…

Dancing with the Stars Week 3

It's their vote and yours!  Remember, your vote counts for 50% of their overall score!  And don't think for one second that because they are a "favorite" that they are safe.  Because no one is.  Tonight they open the show with the pros dancing the three dances that will be danced tonight.  This is how they used to do it.  I like it, as it gives the viewer an idea of what the dance is supposed to look like.

Week three presented a whole new challenge for the stars and reality TV folks.  This week they were challenged to tell a story with their dance, but they were not to use gimmicks. 

The first thing I notice this week is Brooke's dress looks like it has been bedazzled but with paper clips instead of rhinestones.  Maybe I just need better glasses. 

Evan and Anna are up first with the Quick Step..Anna explains that this dance is like the jive but in the style of Ballroom.  Their song is from the musical:  Chicago.  Evan is from Chicago.  Wow.  Their storyline is s…

Sticky Note Tuesday

I have seen this in a few places, and I do not have the link to the proper person so forgive me.  But I wanted to play just the same!  Sticky Note Tuesday!

Do Unto Others

Washington DC Zoo, 2006
I think I can safely assume that we are all familiar with, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  Why then, when there are so many nice people in the world are there so many mean ones?  I know, all things must have opposition.  I get that.  But when it affects your loved ones, it makes it even harder to swallow.  I have seen a couple of posts recently that speak directly about this kind of behavior.  One is from Nad and Zara Take on the World:  Are you raising a mini me?  This post speaks of what we are teaching our children.  You know the expression, "Monkey see, monkey do."  It's true.  Those people do as we do!  Good, bad or ugly!  The other post came from:  Enjoy the Simple Things:  A Need for Civility.

It was this post that really got me thinking more about this growing problem. Some kids can be so mean.  Down right cruel.  They had to have learned that cruelty somewhere.  And kids who are supposed to be friends with…