I Have Issues...

I have issues, but don't we all?  Actually, I am writing more about quirks.  We all have these little quirks about us.  You know the ones that only your family knows about.

Every night before I go to bed, I put Blistex on my lips.

It's not just a routine thing.

If I don't do it, my lips suddenly feel dryer and dryer.  Plus it is really dry here so they become parched.

I have Blistex on my table/desk next to where I sit and my laptop lives.

I have Blistex on my nightstand.

I have Blistex in my purse.

I think they have rehab for this.

I can't answer a simple question.

It's true.

Ask my husband.

I do what we like to call a verbal detour.

You know... he will ask how much money we have.

I will say:  Well we have to pay the phone bill, the water, oh and then there is this other thing...after all that we will have this much left.

Yeah, I answer most questions that way.

So if you ask me a question, and I just sit there...it's okay cause I am following the detour in my mind to get to the answer you want.

If I can't find it, or I am lazy...I will simply begin my ramblings answer with, "Verbal Detour...."

What quirks do you have?


Laura Lynn said…
Funny! I have too many to list. One is not finishing my sentences all the time because I assume my husband knows what I am thinking. He will usually fill in the word.
Maybe it's baby brain - I don't know.
Have a great weekend!
mormonhermitmom said…
You mean besides reading while in the bathroom? Can't think of anything. :)
Lene said…
I have the same problem and I like the term verbal detour. I can tell I am taking too long to make my point when my husbands eyes start to glaze over.
Linda said…
Not Blistex, but a different stuff i found in Hawaii. I fear that when it is gone my lips may shrivel up and fall off.

I think the verbal detour is a woman thing. My hubby LOVES it.....
Liseylew said…
too funny about the blistex!! I absolutely looove chapstick, but my kids always steal it so I am left with dry lips... what can I do? Love yourt blog! found you from Glamazon!
Shelley said…
So glad you can relate with the spiders!! Also, did you know that you can get ADDICTED to blistex? I had a teacher in high school tell us that blistex actually has something in it that kind of cuts your lips a little to make them more chapped. It feels okay when its on your lips but then when it rubs off your lips are left chapped still and you feel like you keep needing it. I NEVER USE BLISTEX anymore.
Emmy said…
That is pretty funny. I often jump from on topic to the other, just assuming the person heard all of the thoughts in my head that led to the jump :)
Terry said…
Quirks? Me? come on....seriously.....Ok...one I have is that I cannot sit down unless everything is put away where it's supposed to be. That includes no sippy cups on the floor, no socks on the table...no dishes in the sink...no fish out of the fishtank...yeah, things like that...:)
Came here from Glamazon's. Love your blog and I'm following cuz...well, cuz I must.
Laura said…
Oh my gosh I would be right next to you in rehab for this! No kidding I can probably count off the top of my head like 8 places I have blistex around my house...at least!
Tracie said…
Oh, so many. I've thought about doing a post like this many times but I'm too lazy to do it.

Here's one of my quirks: Every closet door/cabinet door/ drawer must be closed at all times. I can't go to sleep if the closet door in the bedroom is open.
Saimi said…
I have the same passion about carmex as you do with blistex. It's in every purse, pocket, drawer, and nook and cranny of the house as well in my car. I must never be without!

Hmmm, after what Shelley said makes me wonder if carmex has the same addictive ingredient as Blistex.....

By the way, I hopped over from Linda's blog, hope you don't mind.
KK said…
I have too many to list....or maybe I'll borrow your idea to cure my writers block! (if that's ok) ;)
Glamazon said…
Oooh, suddenly my lips feel dry! hahaha, that was awesome. Hmmm. My quirks....boogers in my babies' noses, (gross, I know, but I can't stand to look at 'em, so I get 'em outta there :) I totally correct people's grammar, (sooo irritating, but I can't stop), and I check to make sure I have my cell about a million times a day. I keep my cell in my bra, so it looks like i'm feeling myself up. But I loose my cell all the time, so I have to constantly check. Hmmm. Maybe I should wear a bra more often. Note to self.

Thanks for playing!
sweetjeanette said…
Hey Lourie!
I'm excited to tell you you were a winner in my give-away! Come see!
I Verbal Detour, as well--I am going to have to come up with a different name because IF I called it that, my husband would think I was trying to take a DETOUR and not answer, when in reality I think he NEEDS all the info and he usually wants a simple answer.

EX: If he asked how much money do we have in the account and I replied with A KAZILLION DOLLARS and didn't say we have these bills already sent that haven't come out, his next question would be what is not out yet or will be coming out OR If I took all of it out and then answered him he would look at the account and say I thought you said we had ... amount of money.

Do you get the STARE or EYE ROLL when you tell too much info but then of course he really does want it just not at that exact moment.

LOL- My mom answers questions like that, but she takes an even more scenic rout. LOL. My brother calls it 'the hook'. I think I'm just like her and talk the same way.
Holly said…
Everything about me is a quirk...I think I used to be more normal...but I am pretty sure it was an act...now I am older and I don't care...I am who I am.
Christina Lee said…
ok sitting here reading this right now I realized just how dang dry my lips feel and I pulled out my chapstick b/c I am a lip balm whore!!
Jenny said…
Wow,I think there is a word count on comments so I won't even go there!

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