Friday, January 28, 2011

I Just Gotta Tell You...

It is time to confess and cleanse your soul with Mamarazzi and Glamazon! Both of these ladies are awesome, funny, and totally sweet.  If you haven't visited them before, go and do it today.


I confess....

I totally caved and we now have a cat.  But the cat comes with a contract.  I really don't want to take care of the little fur ball.  Kristin's babysitting money paid for the litter box, litter, scoop and all that.  Yeah.  She really wanted this cat.  He's doing pretty good so far.  

I confess....

I got a haircut on Wednesday and it felt weird.  I usually go six or seven months between cuts.  So after my last cut, I started saving money towards the next one.  I didn't have appointment, my mom did.  I went with her and our hairdresser squeezed me in later that day.  I actually had the thought, "I don't need a haircut."  and for a fleeting moment I had a pang of guilt.  WHAT!?  It's true.

I confess...

I bought me some chocolate.  That's all.

I confess...

I am going to poke fun at my niece.  She is pregnant.  She has parenting advice for me. Isn't she cute?  Yeah.  We won't tell her.  It would spoil all the fun.
I confess...

I love watching The Golden Girls on Lifetime.  Sometimes I know the dialogue.  I don't care.  I enjoy the show.  If Designing Women was on somewhere I would watch that too.

I confess...

I am still waiting for the house elves to come and clean.  The waiting list must be huge!

Come on...tell me your secrets!  You know you wanna.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pardon Me, But....


Pardon me, but I am really...well I am p*ssed!  Why?  I will tell you why.  I am so enraged because a teacher of my HONOR ROLL STUDENT daughter has lumped her in with the "loser" kids...or as he so eloquently puts it:  kids who obviously don't care about their education!  Oh no he di-int!  But oh yes he did.  You see, Kristin is in fact on the honor roll.  Her GPA is 3.0 right now.  However, she has two classes she really struggles with:  Science and Math.  Her math teacher is very good to his students.  He lets them make up a test that they fail or score low on.  He has her set for the right math class in high school.  I have never met him, but I like him.  

Her science teacher, I am ready to go JACK BAUER on his sorry a**.


I truly have a dark side.  Come on teachers, help me out here.  She is a good kid who works extremely hard for her grades.  Science does not always come easy for her.  And when it is hard she sweats and pours over it.  She is failing at the moment.  And while I understand it is always hard to ask for help, I also completely understand why she wouldn't ask for help from him!!  I was going to be polite and start with an email.  However, for some reason their website is not working and I can not access it.  So maybe I need to do this in person.  Of course I know I must calm down first.  Perhaps that is why I am venting here.  Plus it is my blog, and I reserve the right to do so.  It just infuriates me to no end.  And here is why:  when I was in high school and struggled to the bitter ends of the earth to make a stinking C, I had a teacher say, "Once a loser, always a loser."  Yeah he said that.  And now someone is saying it about my child!

Am I over reacting?  What would you do?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out...

I am participating today with Shell from THINGS I CAN'T SAY and her Pour Your Heart Out meme.  If you haven't read her blog yet, you should absolutely do so! 

Depression is a very real thing, and unless you have it or know someone who does it is hard to understand how or why a person can't just "suck it up" or "put on their big kid panties and deal with it." If you have depression, you understand that having a "blue day" is more like having a down slope that is slippery and can go very fast and deep. 

When I had Kristin, I had visions of rainbows and ponies.  You know, we would take walks in the park.  She would be a chubby cherub who cooed and and made little spit bubbles.  Shortly after she was born, reality hit.  She was not a cherub that cooed and made spit bubbles.  She was long and thing....still is....and she was colicky.  On a good night I got about an hour and forty-five minutes of sleep.  I fell into the worst depression I have ever known.  I cried all the time.  I was the worst mom ever because all my baby ever did was cry so obviously she didn't like me.  And to make matters worse, there were times when I didn't like her.  What kind of mother does that?  This of course made me feel even more guilty.  Finally my husband told me how worried he was about me and I put myself in therapy.  It made a huge difference.  Plus I ran home to my mom for a week of reprieve. 

Fast forward to my second pregnancy, and I told my doctor about that horrible time and he made sure I was on anti-depressants as soon as possible--after she was completely weaned...a personal choice there.  It was like someone turned on a switch.  I had never felt so good.  I was smiling.  I was functional.  It was amazing to me, that one little pill could make me so happy. 

Fast forward to 2001/2002.  A death in the family, and 9/11 plus a major move across the country.  That sent me into a tail spin.  I was off the medication and having a horrible time.  A new med was introduced.  I didn't like it.  It left me feeling like a zombie.  I could hardly function.  I got off of it and tried it on my own for a while.  That didn't last and I went back to my tried and true plus one more.  Then, I got pregnant with baby number three and got off the meds ASAP.  I was doing fine.  Then he was born and he was colicky.  It was rough.  I cried a lot.  But I had tools.  I knew to put him down in his bassinet and let him cry.  I knew I could leave him in his crib while I took a shower.  I did better.

After we moved back home, I went into another depression, and what was worse about this one was it came with body aches.  I couldn't move some days.  It was unreal.  I wasn't sick, but most days I felt as if I was.  It was a very difficult time for me.  Finally, I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  She gave me a prescription and poof.  That light bulb switch effect.  I still have bad days.  I still have body aches and pains.  But they are far more easy to deal with.

Depression doesn't go away.  We can't "suck it up."  It requires treatment.  Medicine doesn't cure it.  However, it sure makes dealing with it much easier.  I know I sound like a commercial when I say this, but if you think you have depression or have been having sad days for more than two weeks, please talk to your doctor.  I am a happy person, I have a good life, but yeah I have depression.  It sucks.  I take medicine.  It helps. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Say NO!


Kristin has found and pretty much adopted this cat.  No he is not in our house...anymore.  I let her hold him inside for exactly 2 minutes then take the little flea bag kitty back outside.  He of course whines and cries for about 20 minutes then goes away.  I think.  He looks healthy.  His coat is shiny, his teeth and gums are in good shape.  Ears are clean.  No real signs of illness.  But no.  NO! NO! NO!  One friend told me to tell the kids the cat has worms.  I like that.  Hey for all I know it could be true!!  After all, I am not a vet.  I do not know what to look for.

This would not be the first time a cat has crossed our door.  Kristin found a cat a year or two ago.  This one was a kitten and had an injury.  I took that one to the shelter.  (A non-euthanize shelter.)  That little guy didn't stay.  But this new one...I am not sure what to think.  He acts like an owned cat, but he hangs around here like we feed him.  We don't. My brother and sister are the ones who brought animals home.  I didn't.  So why does my daughter keep finding these strays???

Have your kids brought home any animals? 

Monday, January 24, 2011

In today's economy most of us do what it takes to make ends meet.  It could be anything from dining out less to cutting out cable.  There are other ways to save before doing anything so drastic as cutting your cable.  There are coupons, catching a good sale, and the beloved generic brand!
Let's face it, these no names are a money saver!  And some stores have really good deals and products.  I know Wal-Mart has their generic Ibuprofen and Excedrin for dirt cheap prices and mass quantities.  Yeah, I stock up on that stuff.  I also choose the no name cereals, and canned goods from my grocery store.  They taste good and the prices are hard to beat.  Even with coupons, the store brands usually works out to be the better deal.
However, there are exceptions to the deal.  For instance, my Diet Coke.  I admit it.  I am a coke snob.  Rich even put me to the test.  Guess what?  I could totally tell the difference.  I want my Diet Coke and nothing else.  That makes it rough sometimes.  It's expensive.  So when it goes on sale, I stock up.    It doesn't stop at Diet Coke.  I am also a peanut butter snob.  This choosy mom chooses JIF.  Because my kids like it?  No, because I like it!  Only one of my kids actually eats it so yeah, I buy the good stuff.
How about...ahem...feminine products?  Every woman has her favorite.  I tried the comparable brand once.  Yeah that was a total waste of money. Dish soap is another one I stand by.  Dawn.  It's the best.  At least to me.  I am not overly picky or high maintenance.  I just know what works best for me.
What are your must have products?