Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pardon Me, But....


Pardon me, but I am really...well I am p*ssed!  Why?  I will tell you why.  I am so enraged because a teacher of my HONOR ROLL STUDENT daughter has lumped her in with the "loser" kids...or as he so eloquently puts it:  kids who obviously don't care about their education!  Oh no he di-int!  But oh yes he did.  You see, Kristin is in fact on the honor roll.  Her GPA is 3.0 right now.  However, she has two classes she really struggles with:  Science and Math.  Her math teacher is very good to his students.  He lets them make up a test that they fail or score low on.  He has her set for the right math class in high school.  I have never met him, but I like him.  

Her science teacher, I am ready to go JACK BAUER on his sorry a**.


I truly have a dark side.  Come on teachers, help me out here.  She is a good kid who works extremely hard for her grades.  Science does not always come easy for her.  And when it is hard she sweats and pours over it.  She is failing at the moment.  And while I understand it is always hard to ask for help, I also completely understand why she wouldn't ask for help from him!!  I was going to be polite and start with an email.  However, for some reason their website is not working and I can not access it.  So maybe I need to do this in person.  Of course I know I must calm down first.  Perhaps that is why I am venting here.  Plus it is my blog, and I reserve the right to do so.  It just infuriates me to no end.  And here is why:  when I was in high school and struggled to the bitter ends of the earth to make a stinking C, I had a teacher say, "Once a loser, always a loser."  Yeah he said that.  And now someone is saying it about my child!

Am I over reacting?  What would you do?


MiMi said...

Oh, girl, you are NOT overreacting in my opinion. The teachers have been amazing with my son...BUT lemme tell you. If, or when, or like the ONE time I felt he was being lumped in...I talked to the teacher. I was nice. But I would have gotten MAMA BEAR on her if I had to.
I feel sorry for my kids' teachers. Because I have the ability to chew their heads off and I will. I'm a butt.

Laura Lynn said...

Not overreacting BUT it is good that you are writing it out and cooling off for a moment. No person, even with good intentions and valid complaints, can be taken as seriously when their emotions are doing the talking.

DO NOT send an e-mail.
Make an appt. and go in person.
You can write a letter and CC the principal requesting a meeting.
That will get their attention.
You will get more done this way.

Once you have thought it out and choose your words carefully, then can you skillfully get your point across. I guarantee they will change their ways. But be prepared for a compromise on what they want you to do. They will have a list for you to show that they want a cooperative effort.

I've been down this road in other areas but communication and PR are about the same in any situation.
Good luck! You should not feel bad for doing what's right by your daughter!

Emmy said...

Laura Lynn's advice sounds perfect. And I seriously canning believe that- I would never in a million years think of Kristen like that. She does not seem that way at all!

Rachel said...

My second grade teacher told my mom I was dumb. It still makes my mom mad. Clearly there are teachers out there that are the ones lacking the brains. :) I graduated with a 4.0. Take that second grade teacher!

Good luck with this. I don't have any kids in school yet, so I'm not sure what I would do.

Nicole said...

I have a teaching degree... sometimes the teacher & student don't mesh well. I don't think it's right for the teacher to lump them in with the losers b/c I don't believe a teacher should have a "loser" list. I subbed one year out of college and I had an 8th grader. i will never forget this girl. She HATED my guts. I had her in a few different classes, she always acted out, etc. When she'd act out I'd embarrass the crap out of her so she'd leave me alone. My poison was singing I'm a Little Tea Pot with all the actions :) So halfway through the school year I got her in a Math class. I thought, oh joy what will today bring me. she had failed a Math test... miserably. I think her score was a 32%. She failed BAD! So the teacher allowed her and a few others to re-take because they did so horrible. That girl asked me that day if I could explain something to her so I walked her through how to do a few problems. She went on to get a B on the make-up test. She was so stinking happy. She told me I got her a B and I told her no, I helped you work through some problems, but you earned that B. I guess where I'm going is that even though it's hard to ask for help... maybe she should ask. And anytime after that that I saw that girl... she never gave me problems and if someone started in on me she opened a can of Whoop ass on them... LOL.

So I think as a parent you should talk to the teacher and try to decide what you can do to help your daughter. Unfortunately it isn't completely the teachers fault... but he shouldn't just lump a group of students as the losers either.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the teacher shouldn't refer to that group as the "Loser group". He might be thinking it in his head but it's not ok to say it out loud to a parent or student.

Second, I think Laura Lynn gave you some good advice.

mormonhermitmom said...

My oldest has been struggling in science too. She had an I for the first term. I talked with the teacher. She said my daughter could retake her flunked tests. I thought she redid three but turns out she only redid two and now the grade is an F. Why did the teacher not tell me before? Don't know. I want to kick my kid for slacking on her one chance to get a passing grade and the teacher for not communicating with me.

Linda Medrano said...

Make an appointment. Talk to the teacher. Make sure you are getting all the information. If you don't feel comfortable after talking to the teacher, call and make an appointment with teacher and principal. Keep your cool, but find out what is going on.

Carolynn said...

There are some excellent teachers out there and then there are some people who should not be teachers.

I know Kristin is not a slacker, I know she works hard. She is not a trouble maker either and would never be mean to a teacher or anyone for that matter.

Like I said...some people should not be teachers.

Cherie said...

My take is that teachers are just people and there are some really good ones out there and then there are some reall ***holes!
I wouldn't e-mail I would set up a meeting with the teacher AND the principal and you and your daughter and get a plan of action outlined to help your daughter. By getting the principal involved the teacher is less likely to be a craphead!
By taken direct action it lets everyone know you mean business - e-mails kind of say "I'm scared of you". So go for it!
Let us know how it works out.

Impulsive Addict said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on Mamarazzi's blog today! a former elementary school teacher, I say..

KICK HIS AZZ! Seriously. He sounds like a total douche. That poor sweet girl of yours. GO GET HIM MOMMA!

Amy said...

What a jerk-wad! I mean, really? What teacher says that to a child? My hubby was studying something he really enjoyed, and was actually doing very well in. He had one teacher actually take him aside and tell him to look into another field, another career because HE thought my husband wasn't cut out for it. Which crushed his spirit, and made me mad, because he would have been genius at it.

Teachers should understand the power they have, and use it wisely. Go and kick his trash. Leave him in fear of the Great Lourie. Make him treat your daughter like a princess because of the fear of the wrath of her mother.

ModernMom said...

There is no room for name calling in school, ever. Make an appt and go in and calmy speak with him. I'm sure you can get it worked out and then both you and your daughter will feel better. Best of luck!

Rachel Sue said...

I agree. You should go in and have a chat. But maybe wait a couple days to cool off. :)