Friday, July 15, 2011

Thelma and Lousie? Hardly.

While Lorraine was here, Emmy was checking up on me to make sure we were behaving.  Well I guess we were.  So I am going to make some confessions here, and link up with Mamarazzi.  Nothing juicy here.  We didn't go all Thelma and Louise.  If we did, I wouldn't be here typing this blog.  You know, cause I would have driven off the cliff.  I guess that makes me Thelma cause I'm the tall one.  She's Louise.  I confess...I just derailed myself.  haha.

I confess....

If we had passports it would have been so much fun and all too easy to go to Tijuana that day.  It's super easy to get in.  It's coming back that's hard.  I guess we don't don't look white enough.

I confess....

I read blogs during the college orientation.  At least I did until my phone died.  What?  It wasn't for my kid?  We also passed notes.  I am surprised we didn't start playing hangman.  Or tic tac toe.  They separated the parents from the kids first thing.  Her daughter texted her right away.  This would be me and Kristin.  I did actually learn things that day.

I confess...

I missed a golden opportunity to share a proud mommy yesterday.  I totally forgot to share Ryan's entomology lesson.  Out of the blue he asked me if I had ever been bitten by a boob bug.  Yes.  A boob bug.  I asked him if they bit boobs.  Nope.  They bite butts.  Kristin asked him what they looked like.  They look like a bee, but are all black with sharp teeth.  And we later learned they only bite girls.  So ladies, beware of the dreaded boob bugs.  Why is it always Ryan?  Lorraine was dying at this point.  I think Ryan showed her the best time.

I confess...

I honestly thought we all put sunscreen on.  Sunscreen is so important.  Lorraine wanted some California freckles from the beach.

Welll....she got much more than she bargained for....

The picture doesn't do it justice.  It was bad.

I confess...

we went to old town and caused a little bit of trouble.  Not a lot.

We touched.  She got busted.  In her defense, the guy was a total OCD over the top anal retentive cranky old man.  Kristin called me to ask something or other, and I was telling her about the old man.  I had not read the sign carefully and made a comment about how do you buy anything if you can not touch.  I read it after.  The old man followed us all over the store.  Literally.

I am not  a fact I can honestly say I hate the stuff, but this sign made me chuckle.

I confess...

I may or may not have had a major minor temper outburst at the grocery store when my bank failed me yet again.  I may or may not have shouted that my bank was retarded three or four times at top volume.  You know your friends are your best friends when they tell you that wasn't a fit that it was a minor thing considering the circumstances.  Seriously was the third time in about a week my bank has screwed things up for me.

I confess...

We laughed a lot during the week.  Tears of laughter were shed.  Howls and hoot sounds were made.  Chocolate was consumed.  We stayed out of trouble...mostly.  The police were never called so it is all good right?  She will be back in August for another orientation, but I am thinking I won't see her for that one...I might have to arrange a meeting.  She can't be on this coast and not see me.  haha.

What's on your conscience this week?


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments: Dropping Videos

During her stay, Lorraine got to hear all kinds of wild tales from Ryan and she also got to hear about things he does good or not so good.  Of course, being five, he doesn't realize that he can incriminate himself.  He also doesn't realize that I am sitting right there.  See, I am a lot a bit of a push over and I let the kids play with my iPhone.  Ryan likes to make little videos.  They usually consist of cars crashing or super heroes saving the days.  Sometimes they are actual little vlogs.  I thought I saved one.  I didn't.  Anyvideo...he is always telling me not to watch his videos.  I am thinking because he likes to jump on the furniture.  I began explaining this to Lorraine.  She laughed at this.  I went on to explain that Aunt Cathy has bought him a "Bumblebee" Transformer which he can earn for not jumping on the furniture for four days in a row.  Ryan then chimes in...

"I just don't want you to see my dropping videos."

"What's a dropping video?" Lorraine asks

"I drop the phone down while I am recording."  I thought Lorraine was going to fall off her chair from laughing so hard.  Yep.  A proud moment indeed.

*  Not that it  is any better, but he drops the phone from about 8-10inches to the carpet and not the hard floor.  He doesn't do it anymore. *

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Here are some pictures of our adventures....

We went to a nice park and just fell in love with these ducks with the pom-poms on their heads.  Even their babies had pom-poms.
While we were there, I changed my text tone for Emmy so I was playing with my phone.  Some guy was giving me the stink eye for that.  We're not in the movies yo!  Plus the ducks didn't really care.  Oh and there were some late teens that must have been up to no good cause every time I got within spitting distance they scattered.  Either that, or I look like a NARC.

Kristin was using her phone and took a picture of Ryan from the front.  She posed him.  I thought it looked neat from behind.
Of course we went to the beach....
the waves were really gnarly!  Seriously coming in at two directions and all at once.  Ryan continues to call this beach, "Big Wave Beach."
Emily is usually fearless...she wasn't too happy.
Even Kristin kept a close distance
My mom had a stowaway on her chair...a water beetle.
Getting some sun....some more than others...;)
Ryan mostly stayed clear of the water and we built a sand castle
It was fine until...
Some kid trampled all over what was obviously HIS sand castle as his family was leaving.  Kristin told Ryan to make the sad face.
we rebuilt!

 Lorraine got a major haircut!  She looks way better than my crappy editing can ever show!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Fun

Usually on the second Tuesday of the month, I host The Status Quote with my BF Emmy, but she is visiting family and I am in between visits so we decided to post pone until next month.

I took her to Zumba Gold.  She had a blast.  It felt weird to go on a Tuesday.   I didn't recognize anybody.  (We usually go on Friday's)  Lorraine loved the coin scarves.  They are fun.  And gees, I know she is shorter than me, and I am tall but look at how high my waist is.  It's really exaggerated in this picture. 

Wednesday was a big day for us.  We had to drive out to the OC for college orientation.  It was EIGHT HOURS people!  EIGHT!  And that was PHASE ONE.  And what did we get for attending this EIGHT HOURS of Orientation...?
Yep.  A pen.  Eight hours of orientation, and we got a pen.  Oh and my car battery died.  We got separated and I ended waiting in the car.  Watched Bewitched without the engine running.  D'oh!  We got rescued by the security team.  All was right with the world eventually.  I did actually learn a few things.  And found it helpful for when Kristin will be going.  College is expensive! 

That pen came in handy.  We were able to pass each other some notes.  It made up for not being able to go to high school together.  Just a few little nuggets of ours...


"Is your head hurting?  Or just sleepy?"
"Just sleepy....My eyes are closing."  (This was me.)  I was literally fighting to keep them open.  It was after lunch.

"I spy with my little eye, one parent sleeping."
"I wonder if she is snoring."
"I found another one!"

This is the statue of David.  He isn't feeling so hot, but the President of the college said that art is art and that it should not be thrown away.  He was broken in the 1971 Sylmar earthquake.  The college students rub his butt cheeks for good luck.
Hmmm...maybe if I had done that, my car battery would have survived.  Wednesday was quite an adventure.  There were some mother daughter moments that were quite intense.  I will leave it that.  Thankfully after our bellies were full and the fact that the car was running again, we were happy again.  Tired.  But happy. 

Come back tomorrow for "Wordless Wednesday" and some fun shots I managed.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Back: Did You Miss Me???

This is me and my best friend Lorraine.  And this is probably one of the last times we got together before her family moved to OH. 
This is Lorraine and I in 2007.  It was the first time we had seen each other in over 20 years.  It was like a time warp.

Over the last week we got to be together again.  Her daughter will be starting college next month.  Again, how is this possible???  Neither one of us is old enough for this!!!  They flew into San Diego on the fourth of July.  Believe it or not it was cheaper to do so.    The night before, I barely slept.  I was so excited to see my friend.  I wasn't even even nervous about driving to the airport by myself.  Directions printed out.  GPS plugged in ready to go.  I was ready to go!  And because I am a bit strange, I popped a Bewitched DVD into my DVD player and listened to the shows as I tooled down highways.  It kept me company.  I did great.  I found the airport and got there about 2 minutes after they had landed.  Perfect!!!

Circled a few times and got them.  After some screams and hugs.  Lorraine shared her nightmare of being the one to go through the x-ray machine and then being patted down.  Meanwhile her daughter was three people ahead of her and blissfully unaware that her mother was going through the ringer because she does look "sketchy." 

I am being smart, I found the proper freeway and quickly got on it, looking for the next. I was so proud of me.  I really have no sense of direction.  Really.  It's bad.  Driving. Talking.  No sign of my next freeway.  Driving talking.  Where's my freeway.  Mr. GPS is not on at this point.  I felt confident enough to let him have lunch.Did I mention my sense of direction is lacking?  Driving, laughing talking.  Hmmm...where is that freeway anyway.  And then....

"Did that say, Mexico Border?" Lorraine asked me.  Sure enough we were about 3 exits away from Tijuana!  Since Katie was the only one with a passport, we decided we would stay on this side of the border--rather than cross the border and toss back a few shots-- and have lunch at Carlos Jr...aka Carl's Jr.  From there, I knew exactly where to go, and that crazy GPS still wanted me to go South. 

There was never a dull moment the whole week.  Why?  Because Lorraine and I are very much alike.  Tomorrow I will share random tidbits of the week.  I am glad to be back.  I have missed posting, and missed the connections.  So I guess my only questions is...did you miss me???