Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Five: Pillow Fights, Cosplays, and Homework

Emmy Mom

It's Friday and I am linking up with my bestie Emmy for her Friday Five!

1.  Speaking of my bestie, I got to see her for the first time in months....MONTHS! I don't know how long it had been. Our kids were very excited to see each other. And then they played Minecraft. They still had fun.

2.  I made two new recipes this week. I am surprised my family didn't fall down dead. They are very conditioned. One is the loaded baked potato its good! The other is the poverty meal. Cheap, easy and tasty!

3.  I am going to create a space in my room for a desk. There is mountain of clutter. I may or may not post the clutter, but when the finished product is finally there I will definitely post that! 

4.  If I had magical know like Samantha from Bewitched...I would not be nice like her. I would be more like her mother...Endora. It's why I cannot have power. 

5.  Have you ever had an unidentified craving and you just looked at the food in your house and thought, no this is not it??? What is that?? If I am going to want to eat body needs to know what it is. 

This kids played Minecraft and we played Guitar Hero. Emmy rocked it. Alex did awesome! Kristin did pretty dang good for a first time, me...I tanked! hahaha.

This is why Californian's bundle up when temps dip to 50*

Learning and discussing all about the different types of Literary Criticisms

Kristin loves to cosplay. This is her latest one from an Anime she watches. 

You are never too old for a good old fashioned pillow fight.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Do Not Diet

     I am not on a diet. I do not buy prepared meals and fix separate meals for my family. Who does that? I do not have that kind of time! Besides, I can imagine those packaged deals do not taste all that good anyway. I do have prepared foods in a sense. I make big batches of soup that are healthy and friendly to the way I eat then I preserve them into mason jars and poof! Soup for days. You can do the same with salads.

I am sure you have seen these. I do not put my salad dressing in the bottom but you can. Salad dressing, meats, cheeses, veggies, and greens. Seal it and these will last 7-10 days. As for salad dressings I choose Walden Farms available at most grocery stores.  No calories and gluten free. It is thick and tasty. 

This week, I lost 1.8 pounds. My body gave big, Sometimes it does. I have officially recovered the Christmas damage, which wasn't terrible. I allowed myself to gain because I wanted the goodies. I didn't gain terribly and I wasn't out of control. Why? Because this is not a diet. This is living. Christmas happens, and so does yummy stuff. I enjoyed it. I took it back off in about the same amount of time I gained it. I'd say that's a fair trade. 

For my next phase in this journey I will be working for the next 10 pounds. This is a bigger goal, but I know it is possible. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Pathway to College: BYU

     Ever since I can remember I have been planning and dreaming of the day my children will go to college. I even told them as they progressed in school how important this stage of their education in life would be. Inside two things plagued my mind deeply: I did not go to college myself and how on earth would I ever fund three children through college?

     A little over three years I made a decision that would forever change my life and emphasize my point evermore the importance of furthering your education beyond high school: I started going to college online. Technology has allowed us the fantastic opportunity to learn anywhere in the world. School is now at our very fingertips! Still the aspect of college tuition times three weighed heavily on my mind. There are many options with scholarships, federal aid, grants and so on and they could always attend a state college making it cost less. As my oldest moved through high school and talks of colleges and applying started being more and more real it became more and more scary. How were we going to be able to put her through or the others through college?

     Then, a most inspired program emerged. The Pathways program through BYU Idaho. This introductory program earns its students a certificate of completion after three semesters and the best part, they can move onto to BYU Idaho the campus or continue their pursuits online and earn their Bachelor's degree and in some cases a Masters. Should the student choose to matriculate into the brick and mortar version of their college experience they must pay full tuition. However, continuing the experience online as a full time student online their price remains the same as before, ($65 a unit). This is a marvelous blessing as not only can we afford it, but my children can and will receive a fantastic education from a highly regarded institute of learning. When the student has completed their schooling they have the option of walking with their peers to receive their diploma.  This means in a few short years we will be making a trip to Idaho for a very special graduation, and their will be another student in the house! 

For more information about the Pathways program please go here.

Monday, January 18, 2016

For The Butthurt

For all those wounded and sadly butthurt individuals out there who are so deeply offended by the air they breathe, the steps you took which were not in tandem with their own, or maybe they were. It just depends on the day! No matter, you all know who I am talking about! Those people who find offense at the slightest and most ridiculous things on the planet! The Starbucks Red Cup! Why was that even a thing??? What offends today, will be forgotten...wait...I forgot what offended me! I am so offended by...hold on I will think of something. Yes, that is what people gripe about. Nothing. And it is really pathetic. So here for all those butthurt people is the form for all things that may and will offend them, there is even a spot if this post offends, but be warned that if you use it, that I will be likewise obligated to use it because I will have also been butthurt by you saying that I offended you in some way. Confused? Offended? Don't worry, the form is here.

Share this with all the butthurt people out there and let them we do care.