Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Five: Pillow Fights, Cosplays, and Homework

Emmy Mom

It's Friday and I am linking up with my bestie Emmy for her Friday Five!

1.  Speaking of my bestie, I got to see her for the first time in months....MONTHS! I don't know how long it had been. Our kids were very excited to see each other. And then they played Minecraft. They still had fun.

2.  I made two new recipes this week. I am surprised my family didn't fall down dead. They are very conditioned. One is the loaded baked potato its good! The other is the poverty meal. Cheap, easy and tasty!

3.  I am going to create a space in my room for a desk. There is mountain of clutter. I may or may not post the clutter, but when the finished product is finally there I will definitely post that! 

4.  If I had magical know like Samantha from Bewitched...I would not be nice like her. I would be more like her mother...Endora. It's why I cannot have power. 

5.  Have you ever had an unidentified craving and you just looked at the food in your house and thought, no this is not it??? What is that?? If I am going to want to eat body needs to know what it is. 

This kids played Minecraft and we played Guitar Hero. Emmy rocked it. Alex did awesome! Kristin did pretty dang good for a first time, me...I tanked! hahaha.

This is why Californian's bundle up when temps dip to 50*

Learning and discussing all about the different types of Literary Criticisms

Kristin loves to cosplay. This is her latest one from an Anime she watches. 

You are never too old for a good old fashioned pillow fight.

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Emmy said...

The video isn't working! I didn't realize there was a video! Did Kristin share it somewhere else?? It was so great seeing you! Been way too long. Yesterday so so beautiful, just perfect. Thanks for linking up :)