Monday, January 18, 2016

For The Butthurt

For all those wounded and sadly butthurt individuals out there who are so deeply offended by the air they breathe, the steps you took which were not in tandem with their own, or maybe they were. It just depends on the day! No matter, you all know who I am talking about! Those people who find offense at the slightest and most ridiculous things on the planet! The Starbucks Red Cup! Why was that even a thing??? What offends today, will be forgotten...wait...I forgot what offended me! I am so offended by...hold on I will think of something. Yes, that is what people gripe about. Nothing. And it is really pathetic. So here for all those butthurt people is the form for all things that may and will offend them, there is even a spot if this post offends, but be warned that if you use it, that I will be likewise obligated to use it because I will have also been butthurt by you saying that I offended you in some way. Confused? Offended? Don't worry, the form is here.

Share this with all the butthurt people out there and let them we do care. 

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