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Six Years Ago...

October 14, 2005
He came a day late.  He weighed 8 pounds 10.3 ounces and was 21 and three quarters inches long.  I was thrilled at that size.  If he had been small like his sisters, I would have had a lot of weight to lose.  

Before he turned two, he chipped a tooth and broke his nose.  He has since done more...falling in the duck pond and throwing a rock up in the air and hitting himself in the head to name a few.  Yep...he's a boy!
 Showing off his Super muscles before Trick or Treat Last year he started kindergarten.  He is one of the youngest in his class barely making the cut off.  He was still four.  He adapted well to the many changes that took place in his young life.  School.  A new teacher.  Another new teacher, and then right at the end of the year another new teacher.  He had a great first year of school.

He's my baby.  He is wild at times.  He chews on his shirts.  He is high strung.  He is huggable.  He is bright.  He is super funny.  He loves his family.  And …

Proud Mommy Moment

Usually the Proud Mommy Moments are reserved for when the kids do things that are worthy of bragging about or those moments when you hang your head in shame.  Well this time, I am hanging my head my in shame but it's my own doing.

Moment #1  I went to pick up my son from school.  I meet him right out front by "the tree."  I got there and saw who I thought was my little guy happily hugging the tree.  Silly boy.  Then I noticed the sport bottle with "US ARMY" on it.  I thought that was weird.  Who gave him that?  Just as I was about to tap his shoulder and ask, the boy turned and to my surprise and udder shame it was NOT MY KID!  Yeah that was a proud moment!
Have you seen me?
Moment #2  We (the boy and I--yeah I had the right one) were picking up Emily.  Normally she has a ride home.  But this day, she needed me to pick her up.  I was parked and waiting.  Looking out for her among the masses.  No sign of her.  I was getting restless and so was Ryan so we walked …

DWTS Movie Night

Tonight is dancing in the movies!  Well actually it is dancing to themes from famous movies.  And some are quite...*ahem*  "Impossible."  You might say the producers, or whomever picks the music have gone completely "Psycho!"  Okay enough with the puns....

 Chynna and Tony 1-800-868-3404
Chynna and Tony are up first and they have to  Tango to "Mission Impossible." First of all she put WAY too much pressure on herself. And it showed, because she messed up and you could see Tony counting/talking her through it.  On the results show you get to hear what they are saying.  I always like that part.  Tony was lowered in at the beginning of the dance from the ceiling a'la Tom Cruise.    The dance could have been really great.  But she really was stressed out.

Len liked the balance of the character of dance and the flavor of the film, but noted that there were a lot of mistakes.
Bruno told her not to worry  because she flash, burn, and hot! BUT she lost the p…

The Status Quote

Please save The Status Quote!!!  It's the monthly meme hosted by myself and Emmy.  You know, the one where you collect the funny, odd and random posts and tweets from Facebook and Twitter or heck any other social network you happen to be a part of!  Just cut and paste them and save them.  It's probably the easiest post ever.  Add some commentary and viola you have a fabulous post!  The linky stays open for a week.  So you have time to participate yet!  Let's get started!

My husband has been kneading and massaging fondant for the past hour. I wish he would spend that much time on me. Ha!  Would he keep it as JUST the massage?

Is it wrong to walk up to someone wearing an eye patch and ask, "Was it all fun and games up to that point?"I wish I lived close to her still!

When you have small children or just regular children, you shouldn't be surprised by anything.  Just after reading this one, Rich got up from the couch with a straw wrapper stuck to his butt.

The Ch…

I'm Late!

No, not late like that...just late in posting.  Why?  Hey now..I'll ask the questions here.  I am late in reading in haven't read any since last week, and late in posting today.  Why?  Okay...I will let you get away with it this time.  We had a very busy weekend....three...count them THREE birthdays.  And we can never do a simple get together.  I think the neighbors must think we have a party a month.  Sometimes two. 

We celebrated Ryan's birthday,  along with his best bud Lucas who just happens to be the son of my bestie Emmy.
But it wasn't just their was also Lucas' grandma's birthday..."Mimi"...who is Emmy's MIL and my Aunt.  Yeah we are family. 
She was so adorable as she received present after present.  As if she wouldn't!  What a sweet lady she is.
The birthday people
And now what get together would be complete without a picture of me and my bestie!
Now while I am catching up, collect those funny FB status update…