Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Late!

No, not late like that...just late in posting.  Why?  Hey now..I'll ask the questions here.  I am late in reading in haven't read any since last week, and late in posting today.  Why?  Okay...I will let you get away with it this time.  We had a very busy weekend....three...count them THREE birthdays.  And we can never do a simple get together.  I think the neighbors must think we have a party a month.  Sometimes two. 

We celebrated Ryan's birthday,  along with his best bud Lucas who just happens to be the son of my bestie Emmy.
But it wasn't just their was also Lucas' grandma's birthday..."Mimi"...who is Emmy's MIL and my Aunt.  Yeah we are family. 
She was so adorable as she received present after present.  As if she wouldn't!  What a sweet lady she is.
The birthday people

And now what get together would be complete without a picture of me and my bestie!

Now while I am catching up, collect those funny FB status updates and tweets and post them tomorrow.



Emmy said...

It was a very fun weekend. You guys do birthdays right! We never got a picture of all of the yummy food- doh! Glad we will see each other again in a couple of weeks.

blueviolet said...

You two are adorable! So glad you got to spend some time together this weekend, but wow, three parties?

Rachel said...

Wish I could have joined the party! Fun stuff! Happy Birthday to Ryan and all!

Nicole said...

How fun, so many birthday's all together!

MiMi said...

It looks like you all had a fabulous day!

Amy said...

October birthdays are the absolute best. I am glad you had so much fun celebrating. And how fun for Eric that you and Emmy are such good friends? I love that. Now tell me, did you know each other before she married him, or was it after?

Veronica Lee said...

How fun is that?!!! So many birthdays in one celebration!!! Love the pics!

Have a nice day!

Nikki said...

wow 3 birthdays! Looks like lots of fun!
ps you're MIL is gorgeous!

mormonhermitmom said...

Now that's a party!