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Day Two, July 22nd

Do you ever get that feeling that there is loop and you are some how not in it? This was the case on day two. The plan of the day was that the girls would go out and the boys would go out. Okay, sounds good. A more detailed explanation that came later was this: The little girls went out with Busi to get pedicures, the guys all went together to a train museum. That left myself, Shelly--Rob's wife--and Michele--my SIL--to do whatever we chose. We landed on shopping.

We went to Target where I could pick up things such as Pull-ups, Good Nites, and socks for Rich sense his were missed in the wash. Plus a few other items that I needed. We laughed and made jokes. It was particularly easy since I recently took a quiz on FB to determine which Pixar character I am. I am Dory! So true. I really am. Or am I? After shopping we went to lunch. We had Mexican for dinner. I love Mexican food. I rarely have it tho as I have some picky eaters in my midst. Michele treated. It…

The Adventure Begins

July 21st, 2009.

After a restless night...well...nap...four AM arrived. It was time to get moving, but quietly so Ryan could sleep until the last minute. I immediately went to Emily's door and ready to start pounding. I knocked three or four times and the door opened of its own free will. Emily was in bed asleep and the door knob was unlocked. It was weird. Prayer really works!

Since we were flying out of LAX we wanted to leave by 5AM to hopefully beat the rush hour traffic...why is it called RUSH HOUR??? We were running late and we had to stop for cash on the way. It was okay, we were set and ready to go.

As we tooled down the freeway I realized I had forgotten one of our healthier snacks--the string cheese. Oh well, at least I have the grapes. Nope. No grapes either! Well our snacks are junky then. Nobody is perfect, and it is just one day. We arrived at the parking lot in plenty of time. They unloaded the van for us and piled our luggage into their shuttle and we qu…

I Have A Question

I am finally back and ready to tell the tales of our grand adventures!! And it starts with a question...several actually. My first is how is it that my mind is so Dory according to a quiz I took...most of the time and yet in the wee hours of the night it seems abundant with good ideas and "oh I need to's" Well the night before we left was no exception to that rule!

After a long and exhausting day of preparing for our journey, I climbed upstairs around 11:30PM; knowing full well I would be getting up at 4AM. Once upstairs, I did my usual routine which begins with checking on each of my babies. Kristin was asleep. She was so excited, I thought she would never get there. Ryan was passed out from the moment I put him to bed. Last and certainly not least was Emily. I went to open her door and it was locked! My first question is WHY? Second question is "why is there a lock on that door in the first place??" It was the office of our landlords so i…

No Place Like Home

What a week we had! It was NON STOP! There wasn't a day that we didn't go somewhere or do something. I will be writing all about it over the next few days. I hope I don't ramble too much. haha. It is good to be home tho.