Friday, October 16, 2009

Leap#5 Oct.16, 2007

This was a rough time for us. We had just moved across the country after Rich retired from the Coast Guard. We always knew we would come back here, but what we didn't anticipate was the lack of jobs. We were not making it. Rich was out of work too long. Our nest egg had depleted. We had aid from the church, my mother helped out where she could. Rich and I both were looking for work. I found work first at Sears. Sure it was seasonal, but it was something. It wasn't long after I found work that Rich landed the job he has. A dream job for him really. He is an IT instructor at a computer training academy. Here I thought I was done with acronyms. Nope, now I have acronyms and a bunch of computer jargon that means absolutely nothing to me. But who cared? He had a job!

It is always good to look back and see where we were. Sometimes we are reminded of something wonderful like a baby being born. We may also be reminded of a nutty neighbor. Today I was reminded of how scared I was two years ago. How I didn't bother hanging up pictures because I didn't think we would be staying in the house anyway. But here we are. It's better than it was. It is still rough, but world's away from where we were. I am thankful for all that I have. A lovely home. Food in my cupboards. Gas in two cars..two WORKING cars. We have clothes. Shoes. I can buy yummy ice cream if I want.

I might have done a couple of things differently over the past few years, but really I am happy with the way things turned out. I hope I have grown and learned from my past experiences. I am nervous to know what I must learn next, but I suppose in a few years, I will be able reflect in another time warp!

Ryan October 2007
Emily and Kristin October 2007


Emmy said...

Yes life is often very scary when we are right in the middle of it, but it usually works out. Hope things keep staying good for you

mormonhermitmom said...

Yeah it's those rough times that make us SO grateful when things are okay.

Carolynn said...

WOW! I need to look at my pictures. Those kids have really changed. Other things have too. Life is good.