Thursday, March 26, 2009

Should I Be Scared?

We are currently out of printer ink, in fact we have been for a while now. Ink for our printer runs about $50 to $60. In the last few days, my husband has been looking for places with the best deals for our ink. What he has found instead are new printers that would cost less even after buying additional ink than our ink costs. Now this isn't what scares me. No, what scares me is one of the reviews he found.

Okay i just bought this printer yesterday today i was scanning some i press da scanner botton ..and it didnt scan. So i tried it on the lexmark software didnt scan or nuttin. So to myself im thinkin dis suppose to be a good product..omg NO ITS NOT..."

This review comes from a woman supposedly age 18-24. What does that say for our future? Should I be scared?

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Emmy said...

Yep :)
Just think say if you are at middle intelligence, which I am sure you are more, then that means there are 50% people stupider than you! :) Food for thought.