Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letters and Thanks

I am trying a new meme today...two actually.  Disclaimer:  names may or may not have been changed.  Circumstances may or may not be completely made up. 

To Wicked Witch of the West:

I would like for you to stop bullying Gidget.  I know it is not your offspring doing it.  And shame on you for hiding behind her identity to upset a minor.  Really, how old are you anyway?   Are you too afraid that Dorothy will drop a house on you, or throw water at you???  Dorothy is mad.  And the Lion, well don't even get me started.  He is not cowardly witch woman, you are.  Come out from behind your hiding place if you dare. 

Dear Writers of 24:


Dear Writers of Lost:

Seriously, you had better answer my questions.  I am starting to wonder if you are just going to pull the rug out from under us.

Dear Viewing Public:

Please for the love of chocolate, stop voting for Kate.  She can't dance.

*******and now for a note of thanks...for nothing.....******

I have lived in and rented my house for 2 years and then we bought it.  In those 2 years, we had the garbage disposal replaced, the dryer serviced, the dishwasher repaired, the fridge repaired, the A/C looked at, and the slab leak.  That was the biggest.  Now since buying the house, our water heater died, and most recently the furnace had a mild stroke.  The guy came out on a moments notice.  HE was very thorough.  He believes there is a blockage or even a disruption of the duct system.  The only way to confirm would be going into the walls.  Insurance doesn't like this they want a second opinion.  I got a call from the other company and they left a message.  I called them back.  Twice.  Nothing.  Thanks for nothing.

My dishwasher came today!  I used it!!!  It was a good day.  However, it almost didn't happen today.  I got a call yesterday from the company who handles the deliveries.  I returned their call.  Nothing.  I called them again.  Nothing.  I called Lowe's and at first got nothing, but eventually they took care of me and found another company to deliver the dishwasher in the afternoon.  To the company who finally returned my call about 2 hours before the dishwasher was to be delivered, thanks for nothing!

Wow this is not only fun, it is quite therapeutic.  I highly recommend doing it!!!

Come back and play tomorrow for Friday Confessional!

And just because I am a nerd....

My dish rack with only pans and a few miscellaneous items...because the dishes were in here....

Isn't it great!? 


CJ Sime said...

Pretty Pretty Dishwasher!!!

Who is this wicked Witch. Things like this really REALLY get me fired up. Come on. Give me her email address. I have something I want to share with her.

J. L. W. said...

I am getting up off the floor now. Just kidding. But seriously, those letters were hysterical.

I am also suffering from dishwasher envy:)

See Mom Smile said...

Love the letters. Envious of the dishwasher. It is lovely.

Holly said...

Love the letters...

Can't you throw some water on the wicked witch and make her go away?

As I have previously mentioned...I do not watch DWTS, but have seen a couple of scene with Kate...really? I can Zumba better than that!

I am stilling waiting for a call from Lowe's helpline regarding the power washer I got for my birthday that doesn't calls and emails since last Thursday and NOTHING!

Did you get my won the game!

Rachel Sue said...

Hooray for dishwashers! I'm so glad you got it. I don't think I could live without mine.

mormonhermitmom said...

ooooooh! is that stainless steel? whoa!

Emmy said...

Yes that first delivery company really needs to not be in business with their service.

These letters are fun :)

Nikki said...

oooo beautiful new dishwasher!! so pretty!! There is nothing worse than people not returning calls, I hate that. This does seem therapeutic, maybe I'll give it a try. What days is this, only on Thursdays? I hope everything is okay with your home and insurance covers all of it!

KK said...

It's gorgeous!

Ok, I'm telling you LOST will just end and we'll never know anything. I have not watched 24 this week yet, so shhhh. Why is Kate still on, not that I watch, but she annoys me to no end. And that bully....give me her address, I'll send the good witch to put a spell on her!