Monday, October 11, 2010

Say What?


What are your friends saying on their Facebook pages.  Or Twitter?  Is it funny?  Is it weird?  Is it what they ate for dinner?  Well share it here on The Status Quote with me and Emmy!  Simply post those funny, strange and daily posts of your friends.  Please exclude names and locations.  And then, link up!

My my, Peter Laviolette, the Flyers coach, sure is an angry chewer....

has done nothing exciting and has planned nothing exciting today.
What is it with all of the stink bugs this year? Seriously!

 If I changed my clothes every time I got spit up on I would wear no less than 7 outfits a day.

Is making pancakes and has extras. Want some?

Good Monday morning to you all. The sun is going to shine and it will be another comfortable day. Let's make the most of it. We will never have today to do over again.

So i went on my very first rollercoaster!! so much fun!!

just overheard the following comment: "That's the biggest @?#&ing harmonica I've ever seen. We could all play that at the same time.

 Laundry is calling my name....but I'm not listening.....lalalalalalalalala not listening!

saw school for nerds at MHS it was really good

 Just woke up from my two hour nap- time to get ready for bed now-hate when I do that.


 CRAZY day! I see myself in the mirror at 5:00 and see proof that it's been bangs look like buck teeth!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Purtty, real purtty!

 Did you know that ostriches have suicidal tendencies?

Come and play!  You know you want to!



The Drama Mama said...

SOme of yours are REALLY funny!!

Christina Lee said...

Yeah--signed up and love yours too!

Glamazon said...

haha, loved the buck-toothed bangs!

Nikki said...

lol! you know its funny, we just got back from pittsburgh and there were like thousands of those crazy stink bugs!

Emmy said...

Lol! We do have some of the same friends :). Yes the bangs one is funny. I forgot to keep track as good this month so I was scrambling last night.

Joy said...

LOL! I have been guilty of taking those 8 o'clock naps. I would also like to be friends with whoever has those extra pancakes:)

Rachel said...

very funny!

Linda Medrano said...

Lourie, I have no idea what Facebook is really for. My daughter in law set me up with it, and I go on there once in a while and think "Who are these people?" and "Why are they on my FB?" and "why are there so many of them?".

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I wonder if that's true about the ostriches.

mormonhermitmom said...

Echo! Echo! Echo!

Amy said...

:) Again, love it! This is something I look forward to each month now. Thanks!

mintifresh said...

Buck tooth bangs! hahahahahaha