Thursday, June 18, 2009

Laying Low

Today I am doing what I like to refer as, 'laying low.' On a typical day of laying low, I generally don't go anywhere. I stay home and pad around the house taking care of things that are long over due or in need of my immediate attention. Oh and I play on the computer. After three days of Disneyland style days I needed to "lay low." As I posted earlier, I have taken on a "babysitting" job. I wouldn't call it babysitting since these girls are 12. I would call it "tween management." In the first three days of tween management, we have been to the park, a pool party, and out to dinner at a fast food place. I am spent. I needed a day to regroup. So here is what I did today.

I went to Wal-Mart and spent a small fortune. They are completely redoing the store so nothing is where it is supposed to be so it took twice as long to get my shopping done. I went to my mom's for lunch with my kids in tow--just mine--then headed home for what I hoped would be quiet time for my son. No such luck. It just was not on his agenda. My extras came a little later than usual and Ryan was running around upstairs rather than laying down quietly as he was instructed to. Imagine that. A three year old who doesn't listen! It's unreal. I gave in and launched into making brownies causing my house temperature to rise to nearly 80. After they were done, I went on a walk with all the kids and then came back in time to make dinner. Since the table was still a mess we sat in the family room and watched TV while we ate. Bad I know, but what's done is done. After dinner the kids went out to play in the sprinkler and I set out to do the dishes. I popped in a cd favorite of mine and made the work go faster with music. After I was done, the kids had cleaned up and decided to come in for the night. I got my youngest to bed on time for the first time in about five days. The other kids are busy scrapbooking and having brownies. As for me and my day of laying low, I think next time I will put up the 'gone fishin" sign!

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Richard said...

"Tween Management", I like that! It is definitely easier to deal with them than ones Ryan's age. That would be ... difficult.