Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting Random

Our cat got out Sunday night.  Such a little monster.  I didn't know it, until I was closing up the door and windows for the night.  He had pushed the screen door open and out he went.  I had no idea.  What a bratty kitty.  Of course he came back the next day because he knows where the food is.
Yesterday, Kristin and her friends were supposedly going to start filming their movie.  A Zombie movie no less.  I was expecting at least 8 teenagers.  I had 5 not counting Kristin.  Four of which were boys.  Boys are stupid.  At least most of them are.

I mean there are a few exceptions to the bunch of them.  They just need proper training is all.

I made cookies.  I think I like to torture myself.  I must...I let 5 teenagers in my house and then made cookies.  Yep.  Torture is something I must enjoy.

I am looking forward to this weeks Proud Mommy Moments!  I have got a doozy!  Yep, another shout out for my bestie.  Cause I am good to her like that.

I had a lot of good ideas today.  It's a rare precious thing when I have ONE, but to have many.  It was amazing.  Summer vacation may be the best thing yet.  MAY!  I think it because I finally had no where to go.  No running.  What a concept.  Even my Sunday's are busy.    I can't get too complacent though.  Life must continue.

One last piece of random...yesterday, Ryan told me he had symbols on his fingers and thumbs.  (Fingerprints.)  Made my day.


MiMi said...

Boys are stupid. LOL

Emmy said...

Oh I wonder what the symbols are telling him- too funny! And yes, that many teenage boys- you are crazy! Just bring the cookies to me! I am loving summer do far

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I love, love, love that he called fingerprints symbols! That is the cutest!

Not sure what came over you to have boys en masse inside your house and then to add cookies to it. ;)

becca said...

boys drool and girls rule that's what i say

mormonhermitmom said...


Nicole said...

I love it, boys are stupid. LOL :)