Friday, June 24, 2011


It's time to confess....

The confession post is a little like the random post with a twist.  I get to unload things juicy, silly, fun and maybe boring. 

  • I am getting super excited to see my life long friend.  She is coming July 5th.  
  • Her daughter has college orientation that week.  Even though neither one of us is old enough to have a college age kid.  ;)
  • I saw her in 2007 when we moved here.  We took a side trip.
  • I have Captain Jack Sparrow as my background on my phone
  • Obsess much?  Maybe a little.  I really enjoyed the movie.  I laughed.  A lot.  And I don't have a little girlie laugh.  I have a loud hearty laugh.
  • At some points I wondered if it bothered anyone.
  • Then I thought...too bad so sad.  It's my laugh.  Loud and proud.
  • We brought in our own snacks and drinks
  • Because that's how we roll.
  • The whole night cost us less than $6.  
  • We had two free passes and went to The Dollar Tree for the goodies.
  • This weekend we are celebrating Little Middle's 11th birthday.
  • Not so little anymore.  She's growing up too.
  • Curse these people for growing up anyway
  • We are topping off the evening by going to the park for the city's birthday's bash and firework display!
  • I will be wiped out but it will be lots of good fun.
What do you have to confess of?  Link up with Mamarazzi and play along.



VandyJ said...

Glad you had a good evening!
Sounds like a busy weekend. Have fun and enjoy!

Linda Medrano said...

I love movies! Silly funny and happy! My favorites! I'm glad you have your pal coming to see you too. I have a friend coming hopefully in September. I can't wait!!!

Colleen said...

11 is certainly not little anymore. I can't believe how much they change around that age.

Emmy said...

Yes I am seriously having a hard time accepting the fact that she is going to be 11... so wrong.
Glad you got to go to the movie and for such a screaming good deal!

sarajo said...

I love Captain Jack too! He's even handsome as a Lego!

Kids grow up too fast. It's not fair!

Love fireworks! Have fun!!

Nikki said...

That is awesome your night was only 6$!! I bet that made the movie even sweeter!! I say You Go for laughing out loud. Hope you have a wonderful time with your friend!! There's nothing like alittle girltime!

Cheeseboy said...

It's Captain Jack's eyeliner that gets the ladies.

Hope it is a very happy 11th birthday!

Amy said...

What a fun birthday! And good for you for being proud of your laugh!

Nicole said...

There is a new PotC movie out? I didn't realize that... what rock have I been living under?