Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Five More Minutes...

Oh my goodness!  It's May sweeps, which in the world of TV can only mean one thing....season and series finales galore!  Dancing with the Stars had a three hour season finale event that started at 8 with an encore of the show from the night before. The next two hours were filled with the eliminated stars, the competing college teams, and two more scored dances for the remaining three.  Now normally, I would spend Tuesday night following LOST making the recap post.  Well here it is 11 at night, and the post is not ready yet.  So, I am asking for just "five more hours minutes for me to get it up.  Okay...maybe not 5 minutes...but less than 5 hours, k?  Cool.  See you all back here shortly.  I will break out the good snacks this time. 

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