Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Comments and Discussions

Whenever I see a post from a friend on FB my curiosity gets the better of me and go looking in the comments. We all know what happened to that poor curious kitty. The comments I see are usually terrible. The way people speak to one another and these are people they do not even know. What could they possibly gain from speaking so harshly to a stranger? It is this type of behavior that completely stunts my mind. While I may not agree with a person's view point, I certainly would not find gratification in locking horns with them or worse name calling on the Internet. I suppose it is easy to do when you are shrouded behind the cloak of a computer or other device. I am not saying we should not voice our opinion. This is our right. It's just better done with class and dignity and without the use of name calling or vulgarities. 

This leads to the next question, when someone does challenge your opinion when is it time to "walk away" from the discussion. I have blocked people on FB due to their presumptuous and downright rude remarks toward my personal status updates. These were people I was acquainted with whom I had come to know in the cyber world. When it is a stranger, we should be able to simply walk away never worry about them again because who are they anyway? I mostly choose not to comment publicly about anything that is posted since I do not wish to be part of these vicious arguments. I will comment to the post where my friend has posted as the comments are generally in agreement. It's safer there. What do you do? Do you stay clear of comments at all? 

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Emmy said...

Ugh yes this is the endless debate and wonder as to when to comment or not even bother. It is sad how awful some people can be online.