Monday, January 11, 2016

Ruining My Kids Lives!

     I am ruining my kids lives. I know for a fact that I am ruining their lives. How do I know this? Well for one thing, my son tells me on a regular basis how I am ruining his life. These times come when he is being punished. Let me preface this with anyone who says boys are easier because there is less drama do not know just dramatic boys can be. I have two drama students in the house, excuse me a graduate (girl)who LETTERED in drama and a second year drama student (also a girl). That being said these girls are far less dramatic than this boy. Yes, tears are shed when they are told they have done something wrong, but when the boy is being punished he hates it here, I am ruining his life, he storms away, slams his door...drama. In the end, he gets over it and so do the girls when they have been scolded/punished. Of course the older you get the less that happens...maybe. 

     My oldest has referred to me as a " cool cat" parent. She once told her friends how she now can leave with friends and come back at an agreed time between us. Her friends marveled at this arrangement. They wondered how on earth she had such a sweet deal with her parents. Let's begin with the obvious. She is eighteen. This means she is now an adult. She is old enough to vote. (Do you know how much I hate this?!) She is in COLLEGE!! Yes college. The blessing I have is I don't have to send her away. She is online at BYUI. It's such a wonderful program that has been implemented. (I will be writing about it next week.) Kristin is unique in that she tells me everything. She is not capable of deceiving me or anyone. Another thing her friends marvel at is her honesty with me. I trust her judgment and character. Letting go (little by little) has been the hardest thing so far as a parent. 

     As cliche as it sounds, every child is different and we really do have to tailor our parenting style to each one accordingly. So if this is ruining my kids lives, I like to think I have done a superb job at it. I have a ways to go yet, but I think I'm doing it right. How do you ruin your kids lives?


Emmy said...

Oh yes I have a very dramatic boy myself, tears and sobbing still at times, drives me crazy! I think every good parent ruins their kids lives at some point, otherwise you probably aren't doing your job.

Shell said...

I still can't believe you have a child in college. Geez, time flies.

My boys can be so ridiculously dramatic.

Nicole said...

Keep on keeping on!