Monday, October 1, 2012

Hot Topic Issues

I am a TV watcher.  I get so pulled in.  I get attached to characters to the point that when producers and writers kill them off it makes me angry.  Two of my favorite shows have done this.  Bad bad bad!  How dare they.  One is Grey's Anatomy.  I love this show.  But let's be serious, I am still mad about them throwing sweet George under the bus!  Oh how that made me mad!  And how Private Practice killed off  Dell.  Why?  I digress.  I am not going to go on about how shows kill off characters we come to know and love.

These two shows have a lot in common....

Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

Both shows are medical dramas, both shows are connected by one character Addison Montgomrey.  Both shows have reckless doctors who break rules and make rash decisions.  And both shows are produced and written by the same people.  They are both on ABC which I am fully aware is a very liberal channel.  I get it.  So my question is why on both shows then when women who are intelligent, career minded get pregnant--one out of wed lock-- and got an abortion.  That's it.  No nothing.  Over. (Grey's Anatomy) And now on Private Practice another married doctor, learns she is pregnant and decides without her husband to get one only to discover she is carrying triplets.  Is she going to go through with it?  We don't know yet.  Soo I get it, women's rights.  Believe me, I am all about it.  I will squash male chauvinist pigs like a bug.  But they talk to their patients within the show about options why don't they weigh their own?  Couldn't the doc carry the baby, put it up for adoption, miscarry? All kinds of possibilities exist here.  There are many avenues to explore.    I understand the rights issue.  I do.  I just want to get to the options, the emotions, it's real.  What is your take.  Play nice.  

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MiMi said...

Oh I know! I always say, "Geez, these drs are brilliant, but they're SO DUMB!!"

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I stopped watching both of those because the storylines were getting way too ridiculous. Apparently I made the right call.

Emmy said...

Yea- sadly women's right have at times gone too far to one side meaning if you don't believe in abortion- though that is just is just as much my right- then some look at me as wrong or backwards. There is a reason I don't watch much TV anymore

Nicole said...

I haven't been watching Private Practice these days.... but Grey's... there are things that Grey's does that upsets me every day! or I should say every episode.