Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Know I Just Got Back...


That's right!  I am back with all kinds of random.  Let's start with politics.  All I have to say is this:

I seriously want this feature.  I am getting so freaking sick and tired of all the nonsense people are posting on FB.  I have been scrolling past unless it is a true update.  But if it is  a typical:  your guy is a douche kind of thing I am moving on but wishing I had a DISLIKE or HIDE feature!!  It's worse than the mudslinging that the candidates throw out.  Sheesh.

Kristin is learning sign language this year, so I have found a couple of websites and I am trying to learn with her.  She has a real knack for it.  She can finger spell really fast.  Not me.  I am like,  what???  It's worse than regular spelling.  Which by the way, I totally suck at.

Dancing with the Stars!  It's coming next week.  It's a super star season as this one will be filled with former champions and runners up!  I wanted them to pit Donny & Marie against each other so badly!!!  That would have been awesome!  They didn't.  Kirstie Alley is back and with Maks.  Probably because she is the only one who will kick his butt.  Haha.

I am in the running for Mother of the Year with my bestie, Emmy.  This morning, I took Kristin to early morning seminary like always.  I came home and took a catnap like always.  I set my timer on my phone.  It worked.  I woke up.  I saw I could get another five minutes.  And the next thing I know, thirty minutes had gone by!  What the what??  Why didn't my phone go off!  And about two minutes later, Kristin was ringing the doorbell.  Yep, I slept through the time I was supposed to have picked her up and taken her to school.  So who is Mother of the Year?  Me or Emmy?

And now I am off again...as I always am!  Have a great day bloggy friends!


Jill said...

I REALLY wish there was a Dislike button on Facebook... I removed a couple of my friends during hockey season - guys that I actually LIKE normally, but because of their bashing my team, I just made them disappear. It sucks when that happens.

I used to be able to finger spell so well in sign language! I forget most of it now. Wish I'd practiced it more!

Nicole said...

I wondered who this seasons cast was.