Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So Random

Today my blog is so random that it happened on a Thursday!  Before I get into anything totally random, I want to remind you all tomorrow is week 2 of the Review 2011 Extravaganza!  A quick refresher of the rules:  snag that button there.  Link back to all of your beautiful hosts!  ME, Mimi, Emmy, Grumpy Grateful Mom, Runner Mom, Impulsive Addict, Em of Emilisq, and Janette of Johanson Journey.  Then simply link your post--not your blog and viola!  It is that easy.  Plus it is lots of fun and there are prizes in the end!!!  You know you want to play along!

Yesterday Ryan landed on RED at school.  This meant he got sent to the principals office.  He and some other boys were playing a game of, "Attack the Booty."  Awesome.  Things got rough.  Imagine that.  Ryan said he would tell.  The other boys said they would tell and started chasing him.  This set him off on a spiral of bad behavior and landed him in the office.  We hope this does not happen again.  He's a good guy.  

Kristin has finals this week.  She has math today.  The teacher is using practical math and getting goodies at the same time.  He wanted the students to bring in a recipe and also multiply the same recipe on paper by 2 1/4.  We made chocolate chip cookies.  I know this recipe by heart.  I wrote it down for her simply for the assignment.  Well.  I made a boo-boo!  It calls for two eggs.  I wrote down ONE egg.  We doubled the recipe.  I used two eggs and not FOUR!  The cookies are still tasty good.  The texture is just a little different, but not in a bad way.  It took until they were all cooked for me to figure out my error! 

That mistake with the eggs is just one of many I make on a regular basis round the clock!  Unfortunately my family is totally used to it.  To the point, that yesterday when I was talking and saying stuff all wrong, and missing the turn to Little Middles school, she said, "Mom, you need a Diet Coke!" 

Another funny thing one of my kids said....  This one was by ready?  We had roast beef for dinner on Monday.  He asked what it was, I told him it was beef.  He said, "Wouldn't it be funny if I had a shirt that said, where's the beef?"  If I had a Diet Coke then, I would've snotted it through my nose.  I was dying!  I am now making him a t-shirt that says:  Where's the beef?  LOL  Shhhh it's for Christmas.

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VandyJ said...

Love it when kids say the perfect thing at the perfect time.

MiMi said...

Haaa!! I love it. You need a diet coke. :)
Love that picture of Ryan!!

Rachel said...

So funny! Sometimes I feel like I need one too! Can't wait to see the shirt. :)

Nicole said...

Well Beef, it's what's for dinner.

Emmy said...

I think he is going to love that shirt! That is too funny.
And sounds like those boys at school are trouble.
Too funny about the conversions- it often is the things that we know how to do so well that we mess up.

becca said...

LOL..what a cool kid

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

He is going to love that shirt when he sees it! Oh boy to the trouble at school. A bunch of kids together do things they wouldn't individually.