Friday, March 5, 2010

Random Friday/Confessions

It's been beautiful all week long.   A little chilly at times...well chilly by CA standards.  They kept talking about the rain that was coming.  And it kept getting bumped back further and further.  So we had a gorgeous week and tomorrow and Sunday we are going to get slammed.  It's a trade off.

Speaking of trade offs...having the kids at school offers a nice break from the chaos and kid shows.  But the trade off is homework.  By the time summer rolls around I am dancing with joy because I get two months without any homework.  That joy lasts for about a week.

And speaking of time off for good behavior, Spring Break Easter vacation is just around the corner.  We get 2 weeks here.  In VA it was 4 days.  But then they started later and ended it way way later.  It doesn't make sense to me really since they are supposed to go to school a specific amount of days.

Which reminds me, remember when summer vacation was like 3 months of total freedom??  My kids get exactly 60 days.  What is that???

I do not put my TV shows before my kids. 

I do not get angry when the phone rings at 9PM on MONDAY NIGHT!

I do not buy my son a hot wheels car every week at the grocery store.

I do not dance in the aisles of the store when a song comes on that I like

I don't sing along with said song either.

I do not eat cookie dough or cake badder.

I do not hide the good candy.

And that's the truth!

And now for something totally random and completely true:   Come back on Monday for my very first giveaway!  I am very excited about this.


mormonhermitmom said...

No cookie dough? Oh dear, we may not be able to be friends. Just kidding ;).


Emmy said...

Love that picture of Ryan :) I am trying to be good and not eat cookie dough while pregnant.. so hard though

The Only Girl said...

Would it be okay to eat the cookie dough if you share it with the kids? They like it as much as I do.

Linda said...

yes summer vacations are trade offs. No homework, no carpooling. We even cancel all piano and other lessons. But then the kids are underfoot 24/7. That is what locks on bedroom doors are for :)

KK said...

I never do any of those things ;)

As Told By Molly said...

We used to get two weeks of Spring Break, but now just one. And really? Only 60 days? That's just long enough to squeeze in a possible vaction.

cathy said...

I hope you read this it has little to do with your truth list but it can render some truth to you just the same if you read my blog.

Holly said...

It seems like summer vacations get shorter and shorter.

I never put blogging before the kids...or my TV shows...I do not give my daughter a lollipop to get through the grocery store...and I do not bribe my son to go to bed when we have company over by telling him he can have dessert for breakfast.