Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Status Quote--Sept 2011

It's the Status Quote the monthly Meme that Emmy and I do where you share your friends Facebook and Twitter updates.  You can leave out names and locations to protect the innocent or guilty as the case may be.  And then link up with us!

If we're talking most underrated bands of the 90's, then I'm talking "Zac Attack"!  Dig Zac's crazy hair.

Some more advice: To ensure you never cut yourself while chopping vegetables, get a friend to hold the vegetables.  Better yet, get the friend to cut the vegetables.

My 5y/o just told me to go to my room and think about sharing. Bc I didn't want to share a cookie with him. He already ate his!  I love their idea of sharing.

Sometimes I wish I was like Sam on Bewitched. Then I could wiggle my nose and these crazy ass kids would be in bed and asleep.  Oh the dreams I have had with her amazing powers.  My house would be immaculate.  Laundry would always be done, and everyone would be VERY nice to me.

You know how we smack our household appliances when they're malfunctioning and it makes them work? I wish I could do that with certain people.  I am sure a lot of people feel this way.
Do you want to speak to the man in charge or to the woman who knows whats really going on?  That is such a loaded question.
Ever want to walk up to a clerk at Home Depot and ask in which aisle they keep the banjos?  No, but I so want to now.
If I plucked all my gray, I'd be bald!!! Thnx C!!! Lol  That is what kids are for!
All the kids are snuggled up on our bed, he and I are on our ipads ignoring the movie...movie night is the best! Sounds like our house, except it would be him on his DROID and me on my laptop.
If God doesn't call me to be a police officer I'd like to work in a restaurant. Not Taco Bell or Del Taco but one of those famous ones like McDonald's. I love kids.  They say such awesome stuff.

My 4-year-old in the middle of a fight "I wish I was all grown up and living by myself!"  I am certain her life at home is just horrible (heavy sarcasm)
Overheard on the news: "People are having to dip into their savings to pay for child care in many states." Overheard out of my mouth: "People have savings?!"  I have Savings....it has dust bunnies...but I have savings.


Nicole said...

wow, you have some of the funniest people on your facebook/twitter!

Shell said...

Savings? What's that? Oh, the change in the bottom of my purse?

My 5y/o sent me to my room for the sharing thing. ;)

Emmy said...

The appliance one was hilarious! Too funny. And I see we have a few that overlapped again :)

Plus the man in charge- yes very loaded but probably pretty accurate.

Amy said...

Ha! I love the sharing one. So funny. You can tell what mode of discipline parents use on their kids, can't you?

mormonhermitmom said...

What? Home Depot doesn't have banjos???? Aw man.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love the sharing comment! I've been sent to my room by my kids before too. I gladly go. :)

Colleen said...

Hmmmm . . . I did save up some statuses for status quote this month. Maybe I'll link up a day late.

I love the one about smacking appliances.

MiMi said...

HEY!!! ME ME ME!!! :)