Monday, July 13, 2009

The Chronicles of Lourie

One of the blogs I follow--Emmy Mom--has challenged her readers to confess childhood games and or celebrity crushes. Oh the tales I could tell! Where do I begin??? Do I start with days spent pretending to be Jamie Somers...
I remember my sister and I doing our "death defying leaps" off of our fences, one of which was all of two feet high and the other might have been 3 and a half feet high. Or perhaps we ran in slow motion. I certainly remember raking my fingers through my hair just she did, and of course tucking my hair behind my bionic ear so I could listen to what the bad guys were saying and then I could thwart their evil plan!! Hmmmm I also remember Wonder Woman.

My sister and I went as far as to make belts, bracelets, tiarras and magic lassos. We would spin around in a "hidden" place just like she did. And suddenly we were transformed into Wonder Woman! How about I Dream of Jeannie???
Sure she wore a skimpy outfit and called her man, "Master" but don't let that fool you. If Tony ever did anything to upset her she would simply blink and he would be punished! So me and my sister put this fancy glass champagne bottle that my parents had--why???--who knows!---on a shelf and that was our Jeannie bottle. We laid cots around the living room with pillows and blankets to match the interior of her bottle. We would blink up all sorts of trouble just like Jeannie. I don't remember making a costume for this game. Although, I was Jeannie for Halloween when I was 16.

Now who adorned my walls? Well let started with the late Michael Jackson. I really liked him once upon a time. Think Thriller. I moved onto the likes of Duran! Duran! with a particular fondness to Simon. I also had a thing for Rick Springfield and John Stamos. My best friend's uncle and he were best friends in his GH days. Why did I never ask to me him! Yeesh! But one day all that would change. It would change when I would stare up into the big screen and into the brownest, biggest puppy dog eyes I ever laid my eyes upon. He was soooo cute--to me. Boyish and had a hint of rebel in each character he played. Some more than others. His face was literally all over my walls. There was little or no space without his face! My mom even has a picture of me somewhere standing next to my shrine. It was none other than,
Ralph Macchio.

Sigh...he still makes my heart go pitter-pat. And nothing would ever replace him....until....1986...when MTV--still a music network--ran 48 hours of a past TV show. My brother and sister insisted watching. Being a whiny teen, I was determined to hate it. And it was easy. What a stupid show. A bunch of guys being chased by a bunch of girls. And later, when I bothered to see if it was still what they were watching--and it was...GROSS---it was just concert footage. What could possibly keep them so glued to the set. It was absolutely boring! How lame! What my stubborn mind didn't realize, is that a couple of weeks down the road, I would be sucked into their world. Hey, Hey, they're the MONKEES. And this show is kind of fun. And that English guy is kind of cute. Later I was more into the drummer. He was, in my mind make-you-melt-like-butter. He sang beautifully and had the best smile. Micky. Ahhh. Micky. I was hooked and soon their 4 faces were what lived on my walls. I saw them in 87, 89(4times) and in 2001. They delivered each time. I hated how people rediculed them--and still do--saying they didn't play their own instruments. Well...without going into a huge rant...they most definitely did. I have seen them paly up close and personal and you can't fake that. I know I drove my mother crazy with all my Ralph Macchio trivia and my hours and hours of Monkee music and shows. She was a trooper for sure! It's now my turn with Jonas Brothers and the like. It's a right of passage!
Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones....little trivia on each of them...
Micky auditioned for the role of Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzerelli.
Mike Nesmith's mother invented white out
Peter Tork plays several instruments and was quite accomplished before the Monkees began
Davy Jones was a jockey in England, but was actually too tall for it. (he's 5'3" in boots)
I know this was long, but I just couldn't pick ONE thing.


Kekster's Palace said...

where's Samantaha!

Lourie said...

Well since we didn't pretend to be her, she isn't there. But oh how I love her!

Emmy said...

This is perfect! I am about to go write my post now, which I will post in the morning, along with the spot to link yours up. :)
So fun to read!

And sadly, I was just enough older that I missed a lot of your favorites. :)

Carolynn said...

I had my turn. Many years ago. Oh How I remember...the good old days. I remember when it was my turn to be the mom. Enjoy your turn. By the way, your post was not to long, you had to cover it all.

silfert said...

Hey, I remember those guys... ;)

As Told By Molly said...

I had a thing for lead singers and bass players. Just about any of them made it from the pages of 17 magazine onto my wall. But there was a summer of my youth spent watching The Monkee's re-runs on tv and I even bought their greatest hits cd because of it.

Missy said...

Thank goodness for sisters that are willing to do silly things with us! If not for them our childhoods wouldn't have been as fun, that's for sure:)

Fiauna said...

Ralph Macchio, huh? Too skinny for my taste, but the big, brown eyes are nice.