Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Totally Random Tuesday!

Oh to have money and just buy an outfit you like....
The top looked cuter on the hanger...but I would love to go back and get those capris....and maybe...
this shirt.  Isn't it cute?  Who knew I would ever like ruffles again?

This past weekend we had a baby shower for my niece...she is due July 21.  That is my moms birthday.  There was another baby in the family due that day....she came a month early--my Little Middle!

31 weeks  Her baby is going to be BIG!
My sister(her Mama) made the cake and cupcakes.
Just some of the yummy food!

See the punch on the left?  It is that Cherry Limeade I mentioned a post or two ago.  I said Crystal Light makes it.  I was wrong.  It is made the Wal-Mart brand:  Great Value.  It's really good.  But you will only find it at Wal-Mart.

I really don't know who will win DWTS this year.  Usually I have it pegged long before the finals.  This year there just hasn't been any front runner.  I will say that Kirstie Alley knocked my socks off.  I hope I can turn cartwheels when I am sixty!  

I just ordered Kristin's yearbook for middle school.  It was $50 people.  $50.  How much was yours?  Mine were like $8 or $10.   The high school ones were $30.  Forget college....high school is going to force us into putting a second on the house!  

I realized this weekend that I will have three graduates this year.  One from Kindergarten, one from elementary, and one from middle school.  It will not happen this way again.  Sounds like we will have to have a party of sorts.  Hmmm...I see silly string and glow necklaces in my future.

There are 10 school days left over the next three weeks.  And the last three are short days.  And homework free.  The tradeoff is a rough one.  But I am over the homework load for the year.  I look forward to my 60 days of freedom.  Yes, they get just 60 days of summer break.  

And a special little piece of trivia in the life of CA Girl... 19 years ago today, I met someone...a sailor.  A sailor dressed like Garth Brooks!  I met him at a bar.  He asked me to dance.  I refused.  He persisted.  And it just goes to show....persistence pays.

The only man who will put up with me.  Love you.

What's going on for you today?


Rachel said...

That picture of you two at the end is so cute! What a fun post. Looks like the shower went well. Ethan only has two days of preschool left and then summer. I just hope it gets warm for summer. It's hard to enjoy summer break when it's cold and rainy!

Emmy said...

I love your random Tuesday posts. So awesome. Yes this is a big graduation year for you. The shower was fun- I am glad we moved it inside too hot. And the shirt- it is the blue version of the ugly shirt! Lol. See not so ugly after all :)

Colleen said...

Oh my gosh I did not realize that the end of school was coming up so fast! Crud.

Also, I really like the blue shirt. I also find it strange that ruffles are coming back.

MiMi said...

Alright, so I looked for CL Limeade at Walmart and could NOT find it! Now I know I needed to stick with my regular brand! LOL

mormonhermitmom said...

We have "8th grade promotion". I really don't like all these mini-"graduation" ceremonies. It's like the schools have now confidence the kids can make it to a high school diploma so they are doing them early just in case. Can you say, "LAME"?

My kids are out Thursday afternoon - shudder.

Cheeseboy said...

Silly string and glow necklaces? Are you going to have a rave for them?

I recently got into ruffles again too. I've sewn them on my Levis.

Nicole said...

I was due July 18, my grandpa's birthday was the 21st so that was when my mom hoped I'd be born, I finally came out on the 30th (2 weeks later) on my other grandma's birthday.

and storms took out my ability to see Kirstie's Open routine or hear any of the 3 scores. I was so bummed!

Nikki said...

Your niece is gorgeous! And WOW is all I can say about the cakes and cupcakes, they are amazing! She should seriously think about going into a business or something, they look so professional. I think 3 kids graduating is definetly a good reason to have a party! Today me and lealu went on a walk and to the puppy park, and have yoga tonite, can't wait! ps I love the story of how you met! So romantic!

Anonymous said...

So much to comment on...where do I start?

1. You look super skinny in those pictures!
2. I'm broke. I didn't even buy my kids' yearbooks this year. (Bad mom.)
3. Can you believe how much weight Kirstie has lost? I can't believe they did those lifts! IDK who I want to win.
4. We get 6 weeks of summer break. I'm not sure if it's too much or not enough. Ask me in August.
5. Love the pic of you and your husband! Happy 16 years!