Monday, October 5, 2009

Battles We Choose

Last week, due to drama in my life, my blog had a fairly consistent theme. So it got me thinking, you have to be careful with thinking especially as a Mom. You just don't know what you might come up with, or in my case forget. My thought was it might be interesting to use a theme each week to base each post on. Of course this hits me at 12:30AM last night. Okay great idea, now put it in the box and go to sleep! That was not the battle that inspired this theme idea. No, that was a whole different battle.

Last night I watched TV until about 11. Terrible I know, but it is fall and the new season has officially started. It was at this time I realized I hadn't moved the white clothes into the dryer. Oh well, no harm done. It's just underwear. It can spin in the dryer and sit and wrinkle. Onto more important things. Snack dishes and making lunches. Those can't be left behind. So I began my chores. How I hate making lunches. And here I thought they were supp0sed to be making their own. They really should especially since the orders are so particular. One wants juice and water. The other is hard to feed lunch in brown bag since none of the traditional lunches are palatable. I digress.

Onto the garage I go to grab a juice. The garage door is wide open. I had forgotten that the kids played outside before dinner. If I had remembered it would have been closed. Well, whatever. It's an easy enough task. Push the button. Magic! Unless....yep that thing popped back up. Something was in the way. A scooter. Upon discovering the offending blockage, I also discovered another scooter in the yard. Kids! Okay, scooters in and push the button. Down it heads, and almost as quickly it returned back up. Okay SOMETHING must be in the line of the laser. Of course it is pitch black outside, and I just know that either a gigantic spider is going to jump out of dark corner and eat me or some maniac is going to cut me to ribbons.

After two more failed attempts, I headed upstairs for a flashlight. Time to thoroughly check the area of the beams. After my "inspection" and spraying the area with forced air I was ready for attempt number 5. Down the door moved. Stopped. And back up again. Garage: 5 Me: ZIP! Okay, this is war! It's on now!

Now this next part is not for the faint of heart, so be warned. I grabbed a paper towel and spit into it--let's face it nothing beats Mom spit!--and with my mom-spitted paper towel I wiped the lens area of the beam. It turns out there had been a smudge on it. Maybe it was a bug once. All right. Now it is all or nothing...Push. Door going down. Going. Going. SHUT! I do the happy dance and tell the garage, "I beat you!" After midnight it is perfectly legal and sane to talk to inanimate objects.

That was my battle last night. Today there was a battle with the scanner, and a battle with my couch. It ate my cell phone. I won, but not without some battle wounds. I am sure there will be more battles this week. Some battles will be with kids, other battles with self, and yes battles with objects.


Emmy said...

Your blog really has been so good lately. I have really enjoyed reading it.
And yes, I agree, after midnight it is perfectly acceptable to talk to objects, or anytime of of the day for that matter ;)

mormonhermitmom said...

That's right! Mom spit! Biodegradable and non-toxic, though it may pucker up a kid's face. Battle on!

Mamma Christine said...

Congratulations! I love winning battles with inanimate objects :D

KK said...

We have the same battles. Oh my stupid garage door and I are always going round and roung!