Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Morning Officially Doesn't Suck

Do you ever have one of THOSE mornings?  You know the kind?  The kind where everything goes wrong-and-you-can't-find-your-keys-because-you-were-sitting-on-them.  Yes, it was that kind of morning.

First of all, I am sick.  It can leave now.  The way I am trying to cough up a lung you would think I could get rid of it.  I woke up late because I am a light weight I took cold medicine that "may cause drowsiness" last night.  In the world of me, that means I will be in a fog for about 24 hours.  And I only took half the dose.  Yeah.  I only take that stuff out of desperation.  So I am tired and sick...wait.... that would be sick and tired and trying to get the kids going. The boy is testing me more than he ever has.  I hope he realizes how much restraint I exercised.  Especially when he stuck his fingers in his ears and sang out, "LALALALALALA." I get lots of brownie points!!!

Teen angst is very real, and is not to be taken lightly.  Especially when said teen feels as though she has been verbally attacked.  Her social studies class is learning about the Mormons.  Pssst....we are members.  Okay now that we have out in the open.  Some of her classmates made derogatory remarks about our church.  She took it very personally.  And rightfully so at 13.  I sent an email to the teacher this morning and let him know what had happened.  I was brief--shocker--and nice.  He is going to address it today and not mention names.  This email set me back as did my son's antics of not getting dressed.  Then we couldn't find his shoes, then I couldn't find my keys.  It's time to go...tick tock tick tock!  The blood is getting hot and my usually mild mannered self *snort yeah right* is quickly be taking over by my mama bear self.

I was very pleased to get the kids off to school.  After I dropped off the boy and Little Middle, I told the teen I deserved a high five for surviving an otherwise sucky morning.  She high-fived me and it was a weak one...not because she didn't feel like doing it, it simply failed.  I didn't care.  I was happy to be done.  I could breathe again.  We were on our way to the middle school and that is when we saw it....a car accident.  Right in front of our eyes.  We both screamed.  It happened in slow motion, and yet it was instantaneous.  Why is that?  One car was going straight, the other was turning left.  The left turner turned into the on coming car.  I pulled over because I saw it.  A lady across the street was on the phone calling the police.  She saw it too.  I was impressed at how fast he got there.  It turns out, he had just left the site.  He was very nice, and I honestly think he didn't really need our statements.  He knew by looking at the cars what happened.

After seeing that accident, I decided my morning no longer sucked.  It was chaotic and stressful yes, but it didn't suck.

How was your morning?


Amy said...

Nothing like a little perspective to change your day, hu? I am so glad it wasn't you in the accident, and that it helped you turn your attitude about the day around. What a chaotic morning you had!
I hope you get well soon. I am still in the process of getting those last little coughies out, but I am so grateful that my sick has gone. Sorry that you are now dealing with it. The good news? It will eventually (a lifetime later it will seem) leave you! Good luck with the rest of your day on medication!

Rachel said...

Hope your morning tomorrow is a little better, and never worse! Glad the accident wasn't you.

MiMi said...

I'm trying to figure out why they were talking about Mormons at school?? Is it public or private?

mormonhermitmom said...

Well the adrenaline from the accident should have been enough to counteract the drugs hopefully...And thank heaven it wasn't you.

Colleen said...

Wow! Was everyone ok?

I'm glad that helped you feel better about your day. I'm feeling buried under work, but still in a good mood.

Though I would have lost it if Punky did the fingers in the ears thing to me.

Linda Medrano said...

I don't recall every having specific religions mentioned in public school. I did take a "comparative religions" class in college but that wasn't even about specific religions like Catholic, Mormon, etc. It was comparing Christianity, Buddhist, Hindu, etc. Weird.

I hate seeing accidents. I hope nobody was hurt.

Emmy said...

So glad you just saw the accident and weren't part of it! Sorry for such a bad morning.

Cheeseboy said...

I hope that teacher handles it the right way and clears things up.

I can take a bucket of Niquil and it won't even make me drowsy.

Nicole said...

Yesterday morning wasn't bad. I drove my husband to the VA hospital (2hrs from home) so he could have surgery on his leg. Then we sat in the hospital all day :)