Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About June

Is June over already???  It must be!  Because it is time to link up with Emmy and share...

1.  Three graduates!

8th Grade
2.  High adventure for my oldest at Girls Camp
3.  School's Out!  (Still smiling!!!)
4.  Got to see Pirates!
5.  New shoes--sorry no picture of those...but they are cute.  Strappy back silver sandals.
6.  Laughing and possibly scaring off guys at the shoe store with my sister.
7.  Going to the beach with my BFF and host of this fabulous meme and seeing our boys go into the ocean for the first time!

8.  Having a special birthday....
9.  Going to see the Fireworks that same night after....
10.   11 years ago....a very special miracle came into our lives

Happy Birthday Emily!
What made you smile in June???


Emmy said...

You have a video this month too :)
Was that Ryan's first time actually going in? I didn't realize that.
The older boys had so much fun-Ryder- not as much :)

Great great list! Kristin was dressed to the nines for the fireworks!

Happy belated birthday Emily!

Cherie said...

Yayyy - Those are 10 great things and I may do 10 things too at the end of the month I likey this idea!!
I also like the idea of a High Adventure for the Girls - the girls always complain that the boys get to do Rafting, etc...for their High Adventure and I don't know why it can't be incorporated for the girls -Good thinking!!

mormonhermitmom said...

An awesome list.

Shell said...

You saw Pirates? Can they take my boys away for the summer? I think they would love that...

Linda Medrano said...

Your kids are so adorable! Summer vacation! Hooray!

Cheeseboy said...

Lots to be grateful for. That's a lot of graduating. Glad I am not their uncle. I only have so many $20 bills.

Colleen said...

8th grade! She looks so grown up!

blueviolet said...

I had forgotten about your 3 graduates, and happy birthday, Emily!!!

I'm curious about this shoe store trip!

Amy said...

Awesome month. I love this meme. Focus on the good and not the bad. That is always a great idea.
I am so jealous of the ocean, though. I have only been once, and long to go again. Sigh.

Nicole said...

mmmk so the photo of your oldest in the 2nd point (black shirt) I swear she looks like a movie star there, just can't think of the gal's name.