Thursday, September 29, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments--Angry Style

I love participating in Emmy and KMama's Proud Mommy Moments because it is not limited to those moments of glory it is also for those moments of hanging your head in shame.  Today I am talking about those moments of anger when the kids are mad.  Mine are (mostly) beyond throwing themselves on the floor wailing, thrashing, crying and out of control.  Now they use a different method of manipulation.

Eye rolling, feet stomping, heavy sighing....

"I don't like you"

"You're the meanest mom ever!"

"That's it!  I don't want to be around you!"

Silent treatment.

Can you tell me which child offers which bit of flair when they aren't getting their way or having to do housework?

While I get eye rolls from and feet stomping from all three, my biggest eye roller and foot stomper would have to be Emily.  Aww...but she's so sweet and quiet.
Yeah it's those quiet ones you have to watch out for....she is very sweet but she can roll her eyes with the best of them.  I dread teen-dom.

So who has the flair for DRAMA!?  "I don't like you!"  "That's it!"  and "You're the meanest Mom ever"  are just a few things Ryan has shouted at me through his tears of udder torment.

The silent treatment....  that is what Kristin is best at when she is mad.  And really...she comes by it honestly.  That is my stand by.  If I am mad... you will know because it is when I stop talking.
We all have our moments... these are my kids moments.  And I am so proud. I am lucky since these moments are far and few between (knock wood). 


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I glad to not be alone, though I wish mine were more far and few between. My daughter is quite fond of telling me, "I don't love you anymore!" which my 3-year-old has now picked up. (sigh)

Kmama said...

My oldest is my drama king. He's ridiculous! And Buster will just YELL like crazy. I dread the eye rolling.

Thanks for linking up!

mormonhermitmom said...

I prefer the silent treatment. I can ignore that very well. It's when they screech that it gets on my nerves.

Nicole said...

yeah see, I don't want kids :) ha! My {step}daughter goes into hysterical cries. Her dramatics drive me up the friggin wall!

Richard said...

You didn't mention your loving, caring, devoted husband. I suppose that is a blog post, or even an entire blog of its own.

Emmy said...

I wish mine were more the silent kinds some tmes as it is just loud and dramatic here- but i never have to guess what they are thinking. Love that picture of Kristin- fits this post perfectly. Thanks for always linking up

Amy said...

I figured the teenager was the silent treatment one. Teens are awesome with the silent treatment. I used to rule it. :) And honestly, they are adorable.