Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten Things To Smile About--September

It's the end of September already?  What?  Well that must mean it is time to share Ten Things To Smile About with EmmyMom.

1.  My birthday
 Photo By Emmy
2.  Seeing my bestie

3.  Dancing with the Stars--yeah cause I'm a nerd!

4.  Kristin's Birthday
 Kristin's epic ensemble is epic.  My niece--who is 21 asked if she wore that to school.  I desperately wish I would have said yes.  It would have made me deliciously happy!
5.  My anniversary

6.  Funny sleep pictures

7.   Hot Fudge Sundaes--which is what I chose in lieu of cake for my birthday.

8.  Not needing the AC as much.  While most of the country is donning long pants and jackets we are still in shorts and t-shirts.  Yesterday was a no AC day.  Today will be 90.  We shall see.

9.  Not giving up on myself with Weight Watchers...I just keep at it.  It's rough, but I keep going.  I think I need to get back to my (other) blog to shake things up.

10. And getting to see this little guy which isn't all that often.

What made you smile this month?


Nicole said...

My trip to Hawaii, does that count :)

Nicole said...

I mean for what makes me smile of course ;)

MiMi said...

He is adorable!!
What a great list. :)

mormonhermitmom said...

I LOVE funny sleep pictures!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your list made me smile. Hot fudge sundaes and cute little guys are some of my favorite things.

Colleen said...

That ensamble IS epic. I love it.

That little guy is super cute. AND I have a pic of Flintstone making almost the same face in the same onsie at home.

I think #7 was an excellent choice.

Emmy said...

Very great list! Her outfit really is awesome. I am glad we will see each other again soon. Thanks so much for always playing along.

Linda Medrano said...

Great photos and list! I'm getting Zoe in less than a week. She's my new pup! She makes me smile.

blueviolet said...

I love it all, and how fun that you chose hot fudge sundaes instead of cake!

Amy said...

Holy lots of things to celebrate in September! Happy anniversary! Happy birthday! And your daughter's birthday outfit is awesome. Sublimely sweet. :)