Sunday, December 6, 2009

A New Me

When I was 17, I had my wisdom teeth removed...surgically. I had the worst recovery imaginable. I had the dry all four areas. A spot on my chin remained numb for six months. I couldn't chew food for about a month. My mom made me shakes. Aren't mom's great!? As a result of my liquid diet, I lost 25 pounds. I was looking good. Hey when you are seventeen you are allowed to be a little self-centered. I also got the grand notion to dye my hair. Why? Who knows. I thought it would be fun I guess. I chose to dye it red. Why red? Why not. It was fun. It turned out very nice and looked natural, surprisingly. I also received a lot of male attention. Again, at 17 one tends to eat that up. I tried many times over the years to duplicate the red result and never have been successful.

I have also gone blond(er) which is the normal color I choose. The last time I colored my hair we lived in VA. I don't even think Ryan was born yet. I went blond(er) and it was nice, fun and looked pretty. Then of course, the roots start showing. Not wanting to mess with touch ups, I chose to redye my hair but to its original state. Before you imagine the worst, relax. This is not one of those tales. It turned an auburn color. It was pretty. Nothing like the 17 year old version, but still pretty.

Present day. I have been thinking about it for a long time. But why mess with perfection? Okay so my hair is far from perfect, but I will say its color is not any one color. It has blond, brown, and red. Depending on what I wear depends on what naturally shows. In the summer months the blond comes out. But I'm bored and restless. I can't afford to have a pro do it, so I did it myself. I chose a mere shade lighter than my hair is. The pictures, don't really show the difference--it's subtle. Really what it did was brighten it. I like it. What do you think?


The picture doesn't do it justice. And for some weird reason, my eyes look blue in this photo. They are green. Oh, and the kids haven't noticed. Haha. It is subtle.


CJ Sime said...

Man. I was all geared up for a horror story. I feel jipped.

It looks Great! and yes I can tell but only because you had the before picture otherwise I wouldn't have noticed.

I suppose that is a more desirable result for you. As for the horror stories I have TONS. I may have to write them up.

Emmy said...

I does look good! And you are brave to do it yourself... I really need to get mine done, I pulled all of my hair back last night, bangs included and the amount of gray again was shocking.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

It looks great!! At first I thought the first picture was the before and I thought...hmmmm...but it looks awesome!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

I die my hair it's "natural" burgundy, lol. Why do so many women think the color of a cheap wine would be my natural color?? I just stick with it. I'll get bored eventually in a few years and try another shade.

Look into doing streaks of color or highlights or low lights. I think it would make your green eyes pop even more. I would like to go to the salon again, but I think my family could use the money for other things.


Richard said...

The kids might not have noticed and had it not been that I "barged in" to our room and saw the "during" I didn't know she was doing it. I will say that it turned out fabulous and I would have noticed (even if I didn't barge in).

mormonhermitmom said...

I don't think I've ever thought about dying my hair, mostly because I can think of more fun things to do with the money involved. But if YOU love it, that's all that matters! Yes, it's subtle, but I think those kinds of changes are good. People notice you look different but can't put their finger on it.

Carolynn said...

The main thing is you like it. You did something nice for you. It was not expensive.

To bad we do not keep our color. Your golden honey hair and my red. Sigh. That is why they make dye.

Rachel said...

It looks really great. Dying your hair always is a nice change, no matter how subtle.

KK said...

I like it. You are brave, I'm too scared to dye my hair!! I had dry sockets with my wisdom teeth too. That is the worst!!!

Holly said...

It looks good...nice job. I go back and forth between professional and at-home. I have not been able to find anyone that I love since we moved from L.A. I figure since no one can tell the difference, and I don't love the pros job..why pay the extra!