Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Scares You?

What scares you? Is it the slasher movies? Ghost stories? Stories of women bearing Satan's spawn? Are you afraid to swim in the ocean? What movie has scarred you for life?

I pose this question because a couple of nights ago, I saw a movie that totally disturbed me the first time I saw it. It is called Dreamscape starring Dennis Quaid. In one of the dream sequences, Dennis Quaid's character is helping a young boy get away from the monster in his dream. Well the monster is a pretty scary thing, or at least at the time I thought it was. It was a snakeman. In my mind, I remembered it looking sooo real! Plus they were going down miles of rickety old wooden stairs. Now who hasn't has THAT dream!? And yet when I watched it, I was half laughing at myself and literally laughing at how completely fake the effects were. And the whole concept of the movie now seems preposterous.

Another movie that scarred me for life, was a movie called "The Hand." Okay I was too young to see this movie. For weeks I would take a flying leap from my door to my bed because I was convinced the hand was under my bed and that it was going to get me! To this day disembodied hands at Halloween are very creepy to me. I can't handle it. And those obnoxious bowls with the hands that spring to life and cackle when you reach in really freak me out. The only "hand" I can deal with is "Thing" from "The Addams Family." and that is just because Thing is a dismembered of their odd family.

As an adult, the movies that scare me now are the ones that are more real. The ones that mess with your mind and make you think, "Could that really happen?" The kind that make you jump at your own shadow. For instance, "Mr. Brooks" starring Kevin Costner. It's a very different role for him. It is rated R, but I chose to watch it. He plays a philanthropist who just so happens to be a killer. And it is creepy. It's almost like Ted Bundy. He was very real and very well thought of in his community. And he was a rapist and a killer. Check that movie out--The Deliberate Stranger--starring Mark Harmon. It was a long time before I could look at him and not think of Ted Bundy.

So what scares you? Do you like to be scared? I love a good scary movie. Forget the slasher types. I am not into blood and guts. I want the type that will mess with my head for days. As for The Hand and Dreamscape, I dare say they are good for freaking out a young mind, but not much beyond that.

PS Thanks to all you well wishers! I am finally feeling better!


Emmy said...

I used to like scary movies, the thrills, the jumps... but just the last year or so I really just do not like them anymore. I don't enjoy them when I am watching them and I don't enjoy it later when I am still thinking about it.

I saw a few minutes of the movie The Birds when I was way too young and for years and still a bit to this day am afraid of birds in enclosed places.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am reading this book about a plague called a perfect world and it is seriously freaking me out.

Carolynn said...

I grew up with Frankenstein, werewolf, Dracula plus a few others. I think there were a couple of movies that really freaked me out. One was (sorry can not remember the name) it was about African ants that devoured everything in their path, including people. I never liked ants around me after that. The Birds and Psycho were a couple more. Really watching those birds up on the wire while walking down the street, and being home alone and needing a shower, Talk about scary.

Today give me Dexter, Mr Brooks, and even Criminal Minds. The possibilities of a mind gone wrong, fascinating.

KK said...

Everything scares me, I hate to be scared and I avoid all movies that don't even scare my niece and nephew!

mormonhermitmom said...

Thanks to some horror movie fans who always seemed to pick the videos at YW sleepovers, I don't go to those. Something like Vertigo is more my speed. I stopped watching CSI after a few episodes too. If I wanted to see the many ways a body can be mutilated, I'd have gone to medical school.