Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I did another one of those goofy survey things on Facebook.  You know the kind where it asks who your first crush was, and then five questions later it is asking who was the first person to break your heart.  Well this survey was a what would you do if...what would you do if you won 10 million dollars etc.  Well one of the questions near the end was, "What would you do if you could be invisible?"

Just think of it.  Totally invisible.  Nobody can see you.  My first thought was, I could go in my room and sit in peace.  They wouldn't find me because they couldn't see me.  I could be really evil and spy on all their play.  Not that they are doing anything they shouldn't.  They know I am around. Then it hit me.  This invisible thing really isn't all it's cracked up to be.  First of all, I couldn't sit in my spot with my best friend laptop.  They would see it....typing independently.  That right there would be a dead give away.  Then there would be the whole breathing thing!  All of the sudden I would become Darth Vader.

So I have decided that invisibility alone isn't enough.  It has to come with some other perks.  For instance, you should be able to block out sounds around you.  There should be the ability to block out sounds you make...such as heavy Vader-like breathing.  But these things should be a choice.  Like maybe I want to be heard.  I mean come on, wouldn't it be fun to just mess with people.  Think of the kind of fun you could have at Wal-Mart!!  You really could do all those things you read about in the email.  So all that is left, is how do we become invisible.  Do we snap our fingers?  Blink?  Or put on cloak?    These are the kinds of things I ponder after the kids are in bed.

Picture of the Day

I can honestly say...I have seen way worse.
Oh...and I would really love to go to this!!!!


mormonhermitmom said...

If it were me, it would be my luck that when I'm invisible, the kids would just say, "Hey Mom's gone! Let's trash the place!"

But then I could probably build up some static electricity and shock them - total sneak attack!

Laura said...

Hahaha this totally made me laugh. My first though was not going to sit alone so no one could find me but it would be now!! :)

KK said...

Oh, I'd love to disappear at work once in awhile, but they'd just page me!

Anonymous said...

The only reason I don't want to be invisible is I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what people say about me when i'm not there! I like my little delusional musings about what they think of me, not reality!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I would want to not be invisible, but be able to disappear completely. Transport myself. To a beach. In the Carribean. With a drink with an umbrella.